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5 HP Servo Spindle

1100 Inch Per Minute Feed Rate

The SL280 is a high-speed production slant bed CNC gang tool lathe with standard pneumatic collet system and gang plate. The slant bed design on the SL280 slant bed CNC gang tool lathe encourages efficient chip removal and coolant flow.  Optional bar feeders and chip conveyor are available.

As with all AutoMate CNC machines, the SL280 has a closed loop system with servo motors and drives - allowing for rigid tapping and spindle positioning.  The lathe also comes standard with the Siemens 808D CNC control with conversational programming and on-screen programming support screens.

Extended-length gang mounting plate and generous X axis travel allow for multiple gang tool and live tooling set-up options.  Quality components and industrial grade CNC control allow this heavy-duty, but nimble CNC lathe hussle through its paces at feed rates up to 1100 IPM.

Highest qaulity components: Bosch Rexroth linear guides, Schneider electrical components, PMI ball screws, and Siemens servos and drives add efficiency, accuracy, and long life. Quality components are the reason we can offer an 18 month warranty on this high precision, high-speed, high quality CNC gang turning center.


Slant Bed CNC Gang Tool Lathe

High Speed - High Precision

The SL280 features a high-quality, heavy cast iron bed.  The bed is heat treated and annealed to provide a strong foundation for the SL series of lathes. The single piece 35 degree slant bed design is extremely rigid - able to withstand heavy cutting forces.  The SK280 will consistantly produce high precision parts parts for the long-term.

The SL280's slant bed also makes for efficient chip removal and operator access.

Gang tooling with live tooling options - combined with 1100 IPM feed rates offers high productivity and industry best return on investment.

German made Bosch Rexroth guides and Schneider electrical components assure reduced downtime and longer life.

Performance Details:
  • Siemens 808D CNC Control
  • Servo Motors and Drives on X/Y
  • Closed Loop System
  • 5 HP Servo Spindle
  • 2" Spindle Bore
  • 50-3000 Spindle RPM
  • 1100 IPM Feed Rates
  • Travel: X=11" / Y=10"
  • 35 Degree Slant Bed
  • Pneumatic Collet System
  • Extended Gang Table
Warranty Details:
  • 18 months on the SL280 lathe
  • 3 years total (2+1) on Siemens 808D Control




      Lathe Machine
      Uni-Block Cast Iron - True Slant Bed Single piece, true slant bed and foundation casting.  Provides large mass in a small footprint. More mass means higher rigidity and better heat dissipation.  
      Slant Bed Design This 35 degree slant bed lathe allows for better chip flow. A slant bed lathe can handle a large volume of chips, while protecting the ways from chips and debris. Slant bed offers improved operator access to chuck and work table - easier for set-ups.
      1.89” Spindle Bore Generous spindle bore allows for an easy pass through of large diameter stock. Easy access for optional pneumatic or hydraulic chuck.
      Full Enclosure Machine is completely enclosed with a sliding front access door and easy access panels on the tailstock end and machine back side. Coolant and chips are enclosed and properly recycled. Electromagnetic lock keeps operator safe.
      Gang Tool Plate A nice set of tool holders is included. Gang tool turning is the fastest, simplest and most economical of turning methods. Set-up is extra convenient with the slant bed design.
      Pneumatic Collet Closer w/Foot Actuator Collet system is air actuated and can be operated from the auxiliary panel or with the foot actuator. Easy access actuator options improve efficiency and safety for the operator, while reducing operator fatigue.
      Tool Box and Tools A set of the basic tools required for maintenance are included with this lathe. Gives you what you need to get up and running, and for routine maintenance.
      Foundation Pads Heavy machined leveling pads which adjust the height to keep your machine aligned and balanced. Solid multi-point contact with shop floor reduces vibration, and increases accuracy.
      Drive System
      5 HP Servo Spindle Drive Plenty of power and torque to match the machine’s capacity.  Capable of rigid tapping and spindle positioning.  
      50-3000 Spindle Speed Range Infinitely variable speed ranges, from 50 to 3000 RPMs. No need for changing gears or belts.
      Schneider Electrical Components One reason we can offer an 18 month machine warranty is because of the recognized quality and reliability of Schneider Electrical components. Highest reliability rating - highly efficient design reduces power usage.
      Bosch Rexroth Ball Screws German designed and built, world-class standard ball screws - efficiently transmit rotary motion to linear motion; allowing for high-speed, and highly accurate axis movements. Accurate ball circle diameters throughout length of ball screw assures consistent drag torque and low noise.
      1100 IPM Feed Rates on X and Y High quality linear guides and ball screws turn this lathe into a high speed machine. The Siemens industrial control and servo drive system provide the power and control that allows for higher speeds - many times faster than competitive CNC lathe systems.
      Ergonomic Control Panel and Operator Interface Machine control panel adjusts and rotates up to 90 degrees. High tactile buttons, manual pulse generator, and convenient cycle start buttons improve operator convenience, efficiency, and safety.
      Auxiliary Cycle Start Easy access buttons allow the operator to operate pneumatic or hydraulic chuck with the push of a button. Having a second E-Stop within reach also adds to the safety features of this lathe.
      Manual Pulse Generator Handheld pendant that allows the operator to be independent from the main control panel. The rotating knob generates pulses that are sent to the machine control, allowing the operator to move the lathe in a predetermined distance with each click of the knob detent.
      Automatic Lubrication System Lubricates all wear points during machine operation at continuous time intervals. Benefits include reduced labor and material costs and significant extension of bearing life.
      Programmable Coolant System Control coolant flow at the control panel using standard M-Codes. Cycle times can be reduced significantly, while feed and cutting speeds may be significantly increased. Proper cooling extends life of cutting tools.
      Work Light Focused lighting elements increase operator efficiency and reduce fatigue. This light is flicker resistant, waterproof, and resistant to both cooling and lubricants. It is also resistant to impacts and vibrations.
      Tri-Color Alarm Light Green light turns red when the control alarm recognizes a machining error or machine malfunction. An operator standing away from the machine is visually alerted by the activated alarm light when machining cycle is finished or machine errors out.
      Siemens 808D CNC Control
      Closed Loop System A closed loop system directly monitors axis motor position and velocity in real time. The system then automatically makes corrections to assure correct tool positioning. High accuracy and maximum parts quality ensure a minimal rejection rate. Also assures smoother surface finishes.
      Siemens Servos and Drives Achieves rapid acceleration and higher speeds - maintains high torque throughout speed range. Motor is highly efficient - and it stays cool. Quiet at high speeds - with vibration free operation.
      Ideal for CNC Beginners Ideal for entry level CNC users - The innovative, integrative start-GUIDE from Siemens provides an on-line, digital help function on every screen. Helpful instructions are available anytime - at the push of a button.
      Simple & Intuitive Interface Well designed conversational programming functions and Wizards from Siemens help streamline programming at the control panel. All Siemens 808D controls come standard with this SINUMERIK Operate BASIC functionality.
      Compact and Robust Industrial panel design with hardened features is ideal for harsh environments. Small, compact panel design is well matched to AutoMate CNC Lathes & Mills.
      USB Connector - Easily Handles Large Files This unique Siemens function allows for the streaming of large program files direct from a USB.  Machining large program files is no longer a concern with this unique Siemens level of operation.  Other CNC systems lack this robust level of functionality.
      Built-In Helps Several Siemens provided “assists” help streamline programming functions. One example would be Hot Keys. With the Hot Key function, machine operators can easily access commonly used screens using operator defined hot keys.




      Model Name FL300 Flat Bed Gang Tool Lathe SL280 Slant Bed Gang Tool Late
      Price $19,999 $21,899
      Max Swing Over Bed 17.5” 16.5”
      Max Swing Over Carriage 5.25” 5.5”
      Machine Repeatability .0002” .0002”
      X Axis 14” 11”
      Z Axis 12” 13”
      X-Axis Rapids 950 IPM 1100 IPM
      Z-Axis Rapids 950 IPM 1100 IPM
      Max Cutting Speed 315 IPM 315 IPM
      Spindle Power 4 HP 5 HP
      RPM Range 50-3000 50-3000
      Spindle Bore 1.46” 1.89”
      Spindle Nose Taper A2-4 A2-5
      Chuck Type Pneumatic Chuck Pneumatic Chuck
      Machine Weight 3960 lbs 4400 lbs
      Machine Dimensions 80” x 58” x 67.5” 79” x 60” x 65.5”
      Shipping Weight 4260 lbs 5070 lbs
      Air for Pneumatics 90 PSI 90 PSI
      Coolant Capacity 11 Gal 15.3 Gal
      Hydraulic Capacity 11 Gal 13.2 Gal
      Power (Standard) 220V 3 Phase Power 220V 3 Phase Power
      Amperage Requirements 20 Amp 20 Amp


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