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R8 Spring Collet Set



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The R8 spring collet chuck can be installed in the millhead, tailstock, or headstock of your Midas series machine. Insert a spring collet in the chuck and tighten with the safety wrench to hold your tooling or workpiece. Chuck holder head is 3” long and 2-1/2” in diameter. Set includes collet chuck with R8 shank, 15 spring collets (1/8-1”), and a safety wrench. Confirm drawbar specification when ordering. Spring collets have double taper that accept a broader range of dimensions than conventional collets. After installing the spring collet chuck, you can change collets without removing the drawbar. This can be useful if the ceiling is low and changing a drawbar would be difficult. This can also be useful for an operator with limited vertical mobility since collets, drill chucks, and other tooling can be changed at the spindle nose. Use in the headstock requires fabricating a drawbar for the lathe. Use in the tailstock requires installation of a plug in the drawbar end of the chuck to enable easy removal. Please talk to a technician if you have questions.
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