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KoolMist Coolant Concentrate



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When tougher machining is required, reach for coolant. Heat is reduces tool life and can make some metals extremely difficult to machine. Formula 77 coolant works great on any metal or alloy and meets the requirements of OSHA, NASA, AEC and the EPA. Designed specifically for mist cooling and to eliminate mist fog fumes. It is 100% synthetic and biodegradable; Safe for people, environment, machines, and materials. The 1 Gallon of concentrate (mixes at 4 ounces of coolant per gallon of water) makes eight gallons of coolant. Use in recirculating cooling systems K99-000-110 and K99-000-220, and with 48-200 - Mist Coolant System. Also see 48-210, MSDS available upon request.
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