Manual Lathe Tool Pack

Manual Lathe Tool Pack

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Get these Items for FREE with 1440 Manual Lathe Purchase. 

1) FREE Factory Installed DRO ($850 Value)

 Cut set-up time dramatically using this factory installed DRO on your MI-1440 Lathe. Every experienced machinist knows that setting up a machining operation takes a lot more time than actually cutting the part. Ease your set-up and operations - machine with higher accuracy using this DRO. Guaranteed to pay it's own way!

2) FREE 1440L Manual Lathe Stand ($450 Value)


"Precision turning operations requires a rock solid foundation for your lathe."
Custom built support your MI-1440 lathe. Two pedestal cabinets provide firm footing and added tool storage space for your lathe. Includes required mounting hardware.

NOTE: Additional shipping charge of $80 is applied for the stand, which is shipped on a seperate pallet from the lathe and weighs an additional 150 lbs. Normal shipping charge for stand is $140, a savings of $60.

3) FREE Foot Brake ($250 Value)

Custom made foot brake mounts directly to the front of your MI-1440 machine stand. Pressing the foot pedal cuts power to the machine motor and applies a braking action to the spindle. Improves operator control and safety.

4) FREE Basic Tool Pack ($935 Value)

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