T-slot Mounting Adapter

   Versa-Mil units are furnished with an adapter (Figure 5-11) that fits the T-slot of the compound rest on most conventional lathes to lock the Versa-Mil unit to the compound rest with two hex-head bolts. Four holes in the base of the Versa-Mil unit allow mounting the basic unit in any of four positions 90° apart. Mounting the basic unit by this method permits the use of the compound rest for angular movement where low mounting of the Versa-Mil is not required. Any operation normally done above the centerline of the workpiece is usually accomplished by using the T-slot adapter and the compound rest. Such operations include milling keyways, slots, and splines, angle milling, and gear cutting. Other operations such as drilling or boring may also be accomplished if they are performed above the center line of the work.

Figure 5-11. Adpater plate.

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