Selection of Cutters

   After selecting the arbor, select the desired cutter for the machining process, mount the cutter on or in the arbor, and mount the arbor in the Versa-Mil unit or attachment. Ensure the arbor and spindle are free of dirt and burrs. 

Woodruff Key Slot Cutters

    This cutter has a l/2-inch straight shank and is used for cutting Woodruff keyslots in a shaft. This cutter may also be used for cutting straight keyways in a shaft or similar operations.

    Side cutters are available in two basic styles. The stagger tooth side milling cutter should be selected for milling keyways and deeply milled slots, while the straight side milling cutters are usually used in matched sets for straddle milling or individually for side milling.

Shell End Mill Cutter

  This cutter is used for slabbing or surfacing cuts and end or face milling.

Form Cutters

   Form cutters are manufactured in a variety of shapes. Selection of the cutter depends upon the desired shape or form to be machined.

Fly Cutters

    Fly cutters are usually square tool bits ground with the proper clearances for boring, facing, or counterboring. Fly cutters can also be ground to particular shapes for special jobs such as gear repair or spline milling.


   End mills are manufactured in a variety of shapes and styles and should be selected in accordance with the job to be performed. The two fluted end mills are recommended for cutting keyways and for deep milling while the multiple flute end mills are designed for end milling and routing work.


   Slitting saws are manufactured in a variety of styles and sizes and should be selected in accordance with the job to be performed. Use slitting saws to cut deep slots in the work and for cutting slots.

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