Safety Precautions


   Safety in the shop area or around power equipment cannot be overemphasized. Each piece of equipment has safety procedures unique to that particular piece of equipment. listed below are safety procedures that pertain to the Versa-Mil.

  • Avoid accidental starting. Place protective cover around the switch to help prevent accidental starting of the Versa-Mil. Ensure switch is off before connecting the unit to a power supply.

  • Outdoor use of extension cords. When using the Versa-Mil outdoors, use only extension cords designed and marked for outdoor use.

  • Reversing switch. Ensure that the reversing switch is in the correct position for proper cutter rotation. Failure to do this could result in damage or injury by having a cutter or arbor dislodged from the basic unit.

  • Pulley guard. The pulley guard must be in place before operating the Versa-Mil. This prevents fingers or clothing from getting caught between the belt and pulleys.

  • Handle cutters with care. Handle all cutters with a cloth to prevent accidental cutting of fingers or hands.

  • Grinding wheels. Use grinding wheels with the safe speed at least as high as the no-load RPM rating of the Versa-Mil grinding attachment.

  • Disconnect equipment not in use. Ensure the Versa-Mil is disconnected when not in use, before servicing, and when changing attachments, speeds, cutters, or arbors.

  • Remove chuck keys and wrenches. Form a habit of checking to see that chuck keys and wrenches are removed from the unit prior to operating the equipment. Remove all tools from the area that may vibrate off the equipment and into moving parts.
  • Avoid dangerous environments. Do not use the Versa-Mil in damp or wet locations. Do not expose the Versa-Mil to rain.

  • Keep visitors away from running equipment. Keep visitors a safe distance from the Versa-Mil while it is in operation.

  • Store tools when not in use. Store or lock tools and equipment in the Versa-Mil cabinet.

  • Do not force the equipment. The Versa-Mil will do the job better and safer at the rate for which it was designed.

  • Wear proper apparel. Keep shirt sleeves above the elbow. Remove ID tags, watches, rings, and any other jewelry when working around the Versa-Mil.

  • Use safety glasses. Wear safety glasses when operating any type of machine shop equipment.>

  • Do not abuse the electrical cord. Never carry the Versa-Mil by the electrical cord or pull on the cord to disconnect it from the receptacle. Keep the cord away from excessive heat, oil, and sharp edges. Replace end connectors or cords when excessive wear or damage is apparent.

  • Maintain tools with care. Keep tools and cutters sharp and clean for the best performance. Follow instructions in the Versa-Mil Operation and Service Manual for lubricating the basic unit and changing accessories.

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