MI-409MZ Features


    The MI-409MZ milling machine features include:
    • Gear-drive Z Axis Power Feed - with Power Tapping
    • Built-In Z Axis Digital Read Out - Optimum accuracy
    • Electric Powerfeed on X axis
    • Handy Operator Control Panel - accessible and safe to operate
    • Machine Capabilities:  Milling, Drilling, and TAPPING
    • Power feed on X and Z axes improves accuracy, speed, and usability.
    • Rigid dovetail ways provide stability and increased accuracy

      Smithy Quality is Tops: Smithy designs and builds some of the best machines.  We pay attention to details, all through the process.  Smithy is well-known for it's after sales service and two year warranty.  Each machine is inspected twice - before it leaves the factory and before it leaves our warehouse in Ann Arbor, MI to head your way.

      Heavy Duty Cast Base and Column Over 700 lbs. of cast iron provides positive damping effect - offers greater accuracy.
      Flat Dove Tail Ways Supports more weight with better weight distribution.
      Hand Scraped Ways Another plus for greater accuracy.
      Adjustable Gibs Allows for adjustment to assure maximum accuracy.
      Square Column Keeps mill head properly indexed to the table, assuring accuracy.
      Gear Driven Spindle No belts to change. More consistent power conversion and torque.
      Easy Single Lever Speed Adjustment Easy to select appropriate speeds. Always works at the correct speed.
      90 Degree Rotating Head Set and indicate mill head to accurately mill at angles between 0-90 degrees.
      Z Axis Digital Readout

      Very accurate measurements of cut depth.  Fast and efficient.

      2 HP 110V Spindle Motor Big power and torque. Set the motor to operate with 110V power. Convertible from 110V to 220V power.
      5” Cutting Depth on Mill Head Good runout from min to max depth.
      Mill Head/Z Axis Digital Readout Easier for operator to machine to exact points - maximizes accuracy.
      Power Down Feed on Spindle 6 speeds for spindle speed; 6 speeds for spindle feed rates.
      Tapping Capabilities Power tapping up to 1/2” (12mm).
      Mechanical Power Feed on Z Axs Unique Z axis powerfeed offers the best in accuracy and operator convenience.
      Bridgeport Standard R8 Collet Industry standard cutting tools and holders are low cost and easy to use.
      Adjustable Power Feed Stops Disengages power feed when operation meets the feed stop. Allows operator to step away from the mill while power feed operation is taking place.
      Long Bed and Work Table 9” x 40” work table offers lots of room for complex or multiple set-ups.
      Bridgeport Standard 5/8” T-Slot Industry standard clamping/holding accessories are low cost and easy to use.
      Independent Operator Control Panel Electrical controls in one location for easy, ergonomical mill operation.
      Lockable Main Power Switch Separate, easy access to main power switch. A lock can be used to limit unauthorized access.
      Easy Access Electrical Control Box Components and wiring are laid out well for easy access and testing,
      24 Volt Power to Operator Control Assures greater operator safety.

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