MI-1337L Features

MI-1337 Bench Lathe – Unique Features:

13” Swing – 37” Centers

Turn material up to 13” in diameter over the bed – Turn material up to 37” between centers

1.5 HP - 110/220

Solid, reliable power – optional set-up for 110V or 220V.

Heavy Castings – Weighs 860 lbs.

800 lbs. of cast iron provides excellent damping qualities. 

D1-4 Chuck – Fast, Easy Changes

Industry standard D1-4 chuck mount allows for quick changes of chucks, plates and other mounting systems.

Removable Gap – 17 3/4” Swing

Removing the gap plug allows you to turn larger diameter work piecies – up to 17-3/4” in diameter.

Smithy Lathe Standard Features:

Hardened, Ground & Hand-Scraped Ways

Induction hardened, precision ground and hand-scraped ways provide the ultimate in accuracy and repeatability.

Gear Drive Power Train

Heavy cast gears put power directly to the spindle, assuring maximum torque.

E-Z Operator Spindle Control

Neutral, Forward, and Reverse buttons are conveniently located on machine apron, along with all dials and gear shifters, offering reliable operator convenience.

Powered Feeds – Lead Screw and Cross Feed

Power feed out performs manual feed for precision and smooth, accurate finishes.

Norton Style Gear Box

30 years of selling lathes at Smithy has shown the US Developed Standard Norton style gear box to be, by far, the most accurate for lathe machines built with inch gears and components.  We also specify the Norton gear box because it has proven to be superior for maintenance, durability and ease of use.

Large Spindle Bore

Allows 1.5” bar stock to pass through lathe head stock.

Offset Tailstock

Manual offset and lockdown allows for cutting tapers.

Threading Dial and Half Nut

Makes for easy thread cutting and chasing operations.

Thread Cutting

Cuts a variety of right hand and left hand threads.  Also, inch and metric.  Has change gears for metric thread cutting operations.


FREE Tool Pack Features:

Quick Change Tool Post

Once cutters are mounted in individual tool mounting blocks, changing out different tools can be accomplished quickly and easily, while maintaining high accuracy.  Helps speed up machining operations.

6” 3-Jaw Chuck

Includes two sets of jaws – inside and outside.  The correct back plate to match the machine is pre-installed on the chuck.

8” 4-Jaw Chuck

Heavy and solid to support operations that require interrupted cuts.  Reversible jaws are able to grip work pieces in multiple configurations.  The correct back plate to match the machine is pre-installed on the chuck.

12” Faceplate

Plenty of surface area to mount uniquely shaped work pieces – use with lathe dogs as a drive plate.

Chuck Guard

Included OSHA required and approved lathe chuck guard.

Steady Rest/Follow Rest

An important accessory for supporting extra-long or flexible work pieces – allows for the safe and smooth cutting of pieces that don’t within standard mounting procedures.

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