Helical Milling

A helix may be defined as a regular curved path. such as is formed by winding a cord around the surface of a cylinder. Helical parts most commonly cut on the milling machine include helical gears. spiral flute milling cutters, twist drills. and helical cam grooves. When milling a helix. a universal index head is used to rotate the workpiece at the proper rate of speed while the piece is fed against the cutter. A train of gears between the table feed screw and the index head serves to rotate the workpiece the required amount for a given longitudinal movement of the table. Milling helical parts requires the use of special formed milling cutters and double-angle milling cutters, The calculations and formulas necessary to compute proper worktable angles, gear adjustments. and cutter angles and positions for helical milling are beyond the scope of this manual.

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