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Bed Length

  • GN-1324: Turn 24” between centers
  • GN-1340: Turn 40” between centers 

To choose the length of bed you must decide on two factors, 1) How long of pieces do you want to turn.  2) How much room do you have in your shop.

Granite owners choose the longer bed machine when they need to work longer pieces like axles, shafts, guns, etc.  More Granite buyers choose the 1340 model because they know they are going to own this machine for a long time and they know they might have the need for a longer bed with future projects.  You can cut shorter pieces on a longer lathes, but when you have a shorter lathe you will be limited to shorter work pieces.


  • 110V: (Standard $0)
  • 220V: ($65)

In our tests we do not see a difference in performance between Granite machines with 110V or 220V power.  Granite buyers who choose 110V power do so because they only have 110V power at their location.  220V power does run cooler and has a lower voltage draw, which in theory is less stressful on electronics.


All Granite XT machines are supplied with a basic tool back as shown below:


Granite XT Industrial and Elite machines also include the following tool packs.



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