Feed tables

   Although not part of the basic unit accessories, the feed table may be found in some shop sets. Rigid accurate feed tables (Figure 5-13) make the Versa-Mil unit a portable machine tool by providing two additional directions of. travel. Precision finished ways, adjustable gibs. and accurate lead screws calibrated to 0.001 inch assure accurate positioning and feed for the most precise machining. Feed tables for Versa-Mil units are available in four different models and all feed tables can be quickly converted to reduce table height when only one direction of travel is required.

   Machining done on the lathe with a Versa-Mil allows the cutter to move along three different axes: vertical, lateral, and longitudinal (x, y, z). However, not all machining can be done using the lathe. Because the lathe allows longitudinal and lateral movement, mounting the Versa-Mil directly to a bench or piece of equipment would severely restrict its machining capabilities. Feed tables eliminate that restriction by providing those two additional directions of travel. Feed tables mounted directly to a bench or piece of equipment allow the Versa-Mil to perform machining in all three directions.

Figure 5-13. Feed tables.

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