Customer Testimonials


Testimonals from Smithy's happiest customers

No Wait Time With My Smithy

“I have a Granite 1324. I run a job shop outfit that does machining work for plastics manufacturing companies. My customers some- times have orders with two or three day turn-around. I work in alumi- num, plastic, and brass. What I enjoy most about the Granite is lathe work. It is really easy.“

- Hai David Nguyen, L.K.B. TX
More Convenient For Hobbyists

“I use my Smithy to make or modify parts for motorcycles and antique guns. I’m in this as a hobby. The Smithy probably has paid for itself but I haven’t kept track. What is more important to me is the conve- nience of making my own parts, exactly as I need them when I need them.“

- Kerry Klein, MI
Support Leads the Way

“I looked at other machining equipment but chose Smithy because of the quality, size, and availability of tech support. It’s compact yet it does the work of larger units. It’s a lot of machine that takes up a little space and it will pay for itself in the long run.”

- Danny A, KY
Better Than a Grizzly

“After technical school, I did an apprenticeship in clock and watch repair and in tool and die making. I’’m retired now and run a busy clock repair shop with my Smithy. I make parts for older clocks, cut clock gears, and make the cutters as well overhaul clock repair tools. I purchased a 9” x 19 bench lathe from Grizzly but returned it because of poor quality. I chose Smithy for its sturdiness, its milling capabilities, and its compact size.”

- William V-R., GA