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Smithy Engineers
Smithy Tools
Developer & Leader in Benchtop Combo Machine Tools

Thirty years ago Smithy Tools developed and popularized the 3-in-1 benchtop lathe mill combo. The engineers at Smithy Tools wanted a a compact combo tool to sit on a benchtop. They also wanted Smithy tools to have the quality and functionality of a production lathe.

Now there are nearly 30,000 combo Smithy tools in workshops across America.  Every day machinists and independent craftsmen go to work on their "Bench Top Machine Shop”.

Smithy Granite combo machines are used extensively in school vocational labs and training facilities. Contractors to the US military have applied Granite machines to mobile machine shops. Smithy Tools are used to make and repair parts in thousands of different settings. Smithy machines are guaranteed to make money and save money - for owners who will put their machine to work.

The Early Days With Smithy

Before Smithy started the company founders were operating a John Deere farm machinery dealership. The experience of working with a company like John Deere provided the foundation for a strong organization.  We learned how to design, manufacture, and sell high quality machine tools.

The first machines we developed at Smithy Tools were small combo tools that fit small shop and garage settings. Smithy machines are designed to last a lifetime.  These machines provide quality and ease-of-use features that Smithy owners appreciate. The product line has expanded to include a variety of custom-built machine tools that fit advanced applications. 

Smithy Engineering

Engineering and Design

Through the years we have built a strong team of engineers and machinists.  These good people have worked hard to improve the design of small machine tools. We are committed to designing and sourcing machine tools for applications that fit small shop manufacturers.

We have worked with a number of larger companies to design and produce custom machine tools.

Recently we partnered with General Dynamics to design and produce a unique line of custom tools for a branch of the US military. We continue to learn and improve on our design and engineering capabilities.

Detroit Machine Tools

The founders of the Smithy and AutoMate CNC product lines manage these brands under the company name - Detroit Machine Tools.

Based near Detroit, Michigan, we are at the epicenter of metal parts manufacturing in North America. We are manufacturers and we focus on the design and delivery of quality machine tools. 

Quality, low cost, and productivity are built into our tools.  Each is "Guaranteed to Pay It's Own Way". Every day, our machine tools are used in parts production and maintenance operations across North America - in thousands of shops.

Profitable parts production can be accomplished in America. We see growth for domestic manufacturing in the coming years. Our goal is to provide small manufacturers with cost-effective tools to help them make parts profitably.  We want to see small US manufacturers increase their competitiveness in world markets.  

The opportunity is there!

automatecnc logo
AutoMate - The Future is Now
AutoMate CNC offers a broad line of production quality CNC lathes and mills.  These tools are designed and built for small manufacturers and craftsmen.  Each AutoMate CNC tool is built on a foundation of top quality components. 

The Siemens 808D CNC control system comes standard on each machine.  The AutoMate CNC warranty leads the industry and includes 18 months parts replacement warranty on the machine.  Plus, a 3 years "in-the-field" warranty on the Siemens CNC control.

AutoMate CNC lathes and mills are production grade CNC tools that are built for real CNC parts production.  AutoMate CNC machines are a standard above "personal CNC" machines, even though our low prices match those of popular personal CNC machines on the market.

Our industrial quality, cost-effective CNC machines help US small manufacturers compete in world markets.


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