Self-Ejecting Lathe Chuck Key -
Self-Ejecting Lathe Chuck Key -

Self-Ejecting Lathe Chuck Key



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The self-ejecting lathe chuck key eliminates one of the most dangerous lathe accidents - the chuck key being accidentally left in the chuck when the lathe is started. When the lathe starts, the key can be thrown across the room, can injure the operator or others in its path, or damage the machine. OSHA will almost always require the self-ejecting lathe chuck key for manual lathe chucks. If safety is a critical concern, or the machine operators will be novices, if the machine operators will be infrequent users -- this self-ejecting key will help to eliminate this common mistake. The square drive nose is 3/8" and will fit in the standard 3-Jaw chucks on the Granite and Midas lines. The spring-loaded sleeve forces the nose out of the chuck when pressure is removed from the key -- you can't leave it in the chuck. The 6" long handle slides for better leverage.
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