Carbide Bit Set (1/2
Carbide Bit Set (1/2

Carbide Bit Set (1/2")



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Turn at higher speeds with these carbide-tipped tool bits. While superior for high heat and high speeds, carbide is more brittle and must have adequate support in your toolpost. 1/2” shank. Includes 1 each AR8, BR8, AL8, BL8 and E8. These tools can be sharpened until there is nothing left of the carbide or shaped as necessary. To help with identification, remember the tool is identified as R (right) or L (left) depending on which side you normally begin making your cut. For example, if you start your cut from the tailstock end of the machine and cut toward the headstock, that cutter is identified as a RIGHT hand tool (R). Because you start on the right (R) and cut toward the left. A LEFT hand tool (L) begins the cut on the headstock side and cuts toward the tailstock. Summary: L's are for left hand and R's are for right hand tools. On a typical lathe setup, right hand tools cut moving toward the chuck and left hand tools cut moving toward the tailstock. A's have a 0° side cutting edge angle. An A tool, set perpendicular to the ways turns a square shoulder. B's have a 15° positive lead angle. Positive lead means the cutting corner trails the remainder of the side edge in the direction of cut. C's are ground straight across the end. Most are used as blanks for grinding a form tool (a particular shaped tool). D's have a centered point with an 80° included angle. E's have a centered point with an 60° included angle. There is a number that identifies the shank size. The number is the shank size in sixteenths. An AR8 tool is a half inch shank tool, (8/16" = 1/2").
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