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What are the differences between the Granite Classsic, Granite XT MAX, the Industrial Package and the Elite Package? Which model would work best for me?
Each Granite model adds features - as you start with the Classic and go on up through each model to the Elite.

Granite Classic: The original model that’s been paying its own way for over 20 years. Tens of thousands are in use around the world. The Classic model is for those who want to have the quality and features you get with a granite but are limited on budget.

Granite XT Max: The most popular Granite model - has 30% more horsepower and higher torque with 2 HP brushless DC variable drive spinde motor, 30% more milling capacity than the Classic with an extended mill head. The MAX is the ultimate small/home shop combo tool.

Granite XT Industrial Package: Has all the great features of the MAX series plus a lathe chuck guard, quick change tool post, and expanded tooling packages for real production operatons. Faster and easier to use. Also has 220V power for all-day production operations. Perfect for production settings, yet fits most shops.

Granite XT Elite Package: Has all the machining functions and capability of the Granite XT MAX, plus many other features that make the Elite the “luxury package” of the combo tool world. Built to last a lifetime - with features that make the Elite a pleasure to use.

The Granite XT MAX Elite Package Includes These Features:

  • ° Digital Tachometer
  • ° Keyed Lockout Switch
  • ° Backsplash / Coolant Shield
  • ° Magnetic LED Work Light
  • ° Quick Change Tool Post
  • ° Advanced Granite Tool Pack
  • ° Elite Granite Tool Pack

What’s the differences between the Granite 1324 and the 1340?

Smithy model numbers give you the swing in the first two numbers and distance between centers in the last two. All Granite machines have a 13” diameter swing. The 1324 is the 24” between centers while the 1340 is 40.” All the other features are the same.

Who uses a Granite 1340? Do I need the extra 16”?

Typically people who don’t want to be limited by their options are the Granite buyers who decide on the 1340 size. Most Granite buyers put their combo machine in a shop setting where they want to have it avaiable to take on a variety of machining tasks that can come up. If you think you will be working with longer work pieces, then investing in the longer 1340 model is a good idea. The split between those who buy the 1324 and those who buy the 1340 is probably 50-50.

Practical 1340 Model Applications Include:

  • ° Agriculture - drive shafts, PTO shafts
  • ° Automotive - drive axles, axles
  • ° Gunsmithing - black powder, bull barrels
  • ° Hydraulic cylinder repair
  • ° Karting - axles
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