Three Phase Power

Why do AutoMate machines use three phase power?

We want to offer you an industrial grade machine. All industrial grade CNC control systems and cost effective closed loop servo systems are designed using the three phase power standard - all higher horse power machines run on three phase power.

AutoMate produces real machines for real production - using three phase components is the only cost effective way to do this. Three phase power is also significantly more efficient.

My shop only has single phase 220 Volt power. Is this a problem?

No, it is not a problem at all. When you purchase an AutoMate lathe or mill we are going to give you - FOR FREE - a power converter that plugs into your 220 Volt outlet and converts your shops power supply into the three phase power used by the machine tool. This is a safe, efficient solution that is going to cost you nothing at all.

Why is three phase electrical power the standard for industrial applications?

The three phase power system has been universally adopted worldwide for the transmission of AC power.

The advantages of a three phase system over a single phase system are:

- Higher power/weight ratio of alternators: A three phase alternator is smaller and lighter than a single phase alternator of the same power outlet. This also means it is the lower cost option.
- Requires less copper: A three phase transmission requires less copper or aluminum to transmit the same quanit- ity of power of a specific distance than a single phase system.
- Self Starting: Three phase motors are self-starting due to the rotating magnetic field induced by the three phases. On the other hand, a single phase motor is not self-starting, it requires a capacitor and an auxillary winding.
- Instantaneous power (power delivered at any instant) is always the same: In single phase systems, the instantaneous power is not constant and is sinusoidal. This results in vibrations in single phase motors.
Better power factor compared to single phase motors. 

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