Message from Smithy Founder

Greetings to Smithy owners and machining friends across the USA --   

We’re coming up on 30 years as developer and leaders in combo 3-in-1 machine tools. We want to recognize all the 30,000 talented machinists who have been making great parts and building great products on Smithy machines for all these years.

Military Machining Applications:

Today we want to recognize the branches of our country’s military who protect us around the world.  Smithy 3-in-1 machines are used in portable battlefield machine shop settings around the world.  Many Granite machines are placed in military maintenance shops on facilities on land, and on ships.

A few years ago we partnered with General Dynamics to build custom machine tools for a military application that has proven successful and helpful in keeping our military forces safe and well maintained.

Our Undying Support:

Thanks again to all the members of our country’s military.  You are in our thoughts always – and you always have our support.



Joe Christensen

President & Founder

Smithy Industries

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