Granite XT 1340 110V -
Granite XT 1340 110V -
Granite XT 1340 110V -
Granite XT 1340 110V -

Granite XT 1324 Lathe Mill Combo

Ultimate Home Machine Shop - 110V 2HP
First choice of home or small shops when choosing a high precision, industrial grade lathe mill combo. New added features make the Granite XT, the most powerful and versatile combo tool even better!

New Granite XT 1324 Features:
  • 13" Swing -24" Between Centers - Compact and Flexible
  • 2HP, 110V Variable Drive - Easy Speed Changes
  • Standard R8 Spindle - Low cost, Easy to Use Tooling
  • Efficient Quick-Change Operation - Well Balanced Design
  • Accurate to +/-0.001" - You will produce quality parts

Granite XT 1340 110V Scratch and Dent

$6,689.00 $4,695.00

  • No Stand
  • Basic Tool Pack
  • No DRO

Smithy Lathe Mill Combo NEW Granite XT  

Ultimate Home Machine Shop

110V 2HP

The Granite XT  Lathe Mill Combo is the first choice for home or small repair shops. Added safety features and improvements make the Granite XT Lathe Mill Combo the most powerful and versatile combo tool even better. You will machine projects with ease and speed.

NEW Granite XT Features:
  • 13" Swing - 40" Between Centers
  • 2 HP 110Volt Variable Speed Drive
  • Industry Standard Tooling
  • Efficient Quick Change Operation
  • Accurate to +/- 0.001"

GRANITE - As Close As You’ll Get to American Made

1) US Developed and Designed: By Smithy engineers in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Design ideas were based on machine user requests.

2) Higher precision than other combo tools: Granite components are machined to tighter specs - bearings are higher grade - basic design is higher precision.

3) Best Quality Production: The Smithy Granite machine was deigned in the Smithy product lab in Ann Arbor, Michigan... Click For More Info

4) Superior Features: You can finish machining tasks -easier and faster - on a Granite machine.


Other 3-in-1 combo tools can't compare to the built-in quality and features of SMITHY tools.


Smithy Lathe Mill Combo 

America’s Best Benchtop Machine Shop

 Guaranteed to Pay its Own Way - From Production to Home Shop - America's #1 Lathe Mill Combo Machine

GRANITE: Quality, Precision, and Reliability Built-In

Premium Bench Top Machine Tool - America's #1 - for over 25 years

PRECISION: Compares to more expensive tools.
BALANCE: Easy change over for different operations.
FEATURES: Pro features help you work faster.
MASS: Heavy castings add more precision.
RELIABILITY: Designed and built for a lifetime of work.



Column Diameter 3-3/16"
Dial Calibration Drill-Coarse Feed 0.05" (1.27 mm)
Dial Calibration Mill-Fine Feed 0.001" (0.0254 mm)
Dial Calibration Millhead Up/Dn Crank 0.05" (1.27 mm)
Drawbars Size 7/16"
Drill Chuck Size Mill/Drill 5/8"
Drill Chuck Size Tailstock 1/2"
Drill Chuck Arbor Size R-8/JT3
Feed Rate (Mill X-Axis) 0.003" - 0.020"
Feed Rate (Mill Y-Axis) 0.001 - 0.006"
Head Rotation 360 Degrees
Head Travel Z-Axis 4-3/8"
Quill Diameter 2-3/4"
Quill Travel 4-7/8"
Spindle Center To Front Of Chuck 8-1/2"
Spindle Center To Lathe Spindle Flange 11-1/4"
Spindle Face To Back Of Spindle 13-3/4"
Spindle To Table Distance (Min.-Max.) 4" to 13-3/8"
Spindle Speeds Variable 400-2600 RPM
Spindle Taper R8
Tool Size Limit 1"
X-Axis Travel 13-3/8"
Y-Axis Travel 7-5/8"


We offer a 8" 4-jaw chuck plus a 6" 4-jaw chuck but larger 3-jaw chucks are not offered at this time. Any D1-4 chuck will work on the Granite spindles. We do not offer "trade-ups" on the machines accessories or items in the free Quick-Start Tool Packs.

Best Practices - Lathe Turning

Introduction to standard metal lathe operations. An introduction to basic metal turning concepts is provided, along with basic instructions on lathe operation.

Lathe Turning - Workholding & Set Up

Review of guidelines for installing a variety of work piece types and sizes on a metal lathe.  This video covers turning between centers and proper mounting of a work piece in a lathe chuck.  Proper use of lathe follow rests and steady rests is included.

Lathe Turning - Cutting Tool Selection

This video explains the selection and use of single point cutting tools on the lathe.  Choosing the right cutting tool for a given operation is an important step when setting up a lathe. Selecting tool types and cutting speeds is also reviewed.

Lathe Turning & Facing Operations

This video demonstrates proper procedures and operator work process management for lathe turning and facing operations on a metal turning lathe.   Reviews the various lathe turning operations that are typically used in a small shop setting.

Best Practices - Bench Top Milling & Drilling

Reviews the concepts of milling and drilling on a metal cutting mill/drill machine.  Common practices in milling and drilling operations are presented.  Tutorial on selecting best milling and drilling operations for a given task are provided.

Milling & Drilling - Cutting Tool Selection

This video explains the selection and use of end mills and drill bits is covered.  Choosing the right cutting tool for a given operation is an important step when setting up for a milling or drilling project. The foundation concept of selecting the best rotating cutting tool and cutting speed for a given project is also reviewed.

Milling & Drilling - Workholding & Set-Up

There are a wide variety of workholding tools that can be used to hold a work piece for milling or drilling operations.  This video reviews the different concepts and practices in workholding for mill/drill operations. This video also offers some suggestions on workholding accessories to help you get started.

Basic Milling & Drilling Operations

This video starts by showing you machine controls used for milling and drilling operations on a small mill/drill machine.  In this case, the Smithy Granite.  The video also covers basic concepts and practices for effective metal milling and drilling on a bench top mill/drill machine.

Proper Machine Tool Maintenance

Proper maintenance of every machine tool is the key factor in that machine's ability to machine accurately and efficiently.  Lubrication and maintenance are a big factor in assuring long life for every bench top lathe or mill/drill machine.


Testimonials from Smithy's happiest customers

No Wait Time With My Smithy

“I have a Granite 1324. I run a job shop outfit that does machining work for plastics manufacturing companies. My customers some- times have orders with two or three day turn-around. I work in alumi- num, plastic, and brass. What I enjoy most about the Granite is lathe work. It is really easy.“

- Hai David Nguyen, L.K.B. TX
More Convenient For Hobbyists

“I use my Smithy to make or modify parts for motorcycles and antique guns. I’m in this as a hobby. The Smithy probably has paid for itself but I haven’t kept track. What is more important to me is the conve- nience of making my own parts, exactly as I need them when I need them.“

- Kerry Klein, MI
Support Leads the Way

“I looked at other machining equipment but chose Smithy because of the quality, size, and availability of tech support. It’s compact yet it does the work of larger units. It’s a lot of machine that takes up a little space and it will pay for itself in the long run.”

- Danny A, KY
Better Than a Grizzly

“After technical school, I did an apprenticeship in clock and watch repair and in tool and die making. I’’m retired now and run a busy clock repair shop with my Smithy. I make parts for older clocks, cut clock gears, and make the cutters as well overhaul clock repair tools. I purchased a 9” x 19 bench lathe from Grizzly but returned it because of poor quality. I chose Smithy for its sturdiness, its milling capabilities, and its compact size.”

- William V-R., GA

No more down time

"Wendell and his business partner own a small textile factory. Last year, a German sewing machine clutch broke and production stopped. They weren't sure how long it would take to get a replacement part or if they could even find one. Putting their Smithy to work instead, they had the sewing machine back in production the same day."

-Wendell (Owner of Small Textile Company)

His Smithy Helped Him build his Dream Ride.

 "I bought my Smithy last year specifically to help me with this bike. I used it for the foot and toe pegs as you can see in the picture, but also I used it to make wheel spacers, chain tensioner, mounting brackets and so many other parts. My Granite was instrumental in getting my bike the way I wanted, and getting the recognition from a lot of bike shows and even a magazine feature. I am not a professional builder, just a guy that loves motorcycles."

-Richard C., AL

Gunsmith saves $5,000

"I could have purchased a reproduction sharps model 1874, breechloading, .45-70 caliber rifle-if I wanted to wait five years and spend $5,500. Instead I built my own with my Smithy. Total cost excluding sights: $263.





Fix Anything around the home, yard, garage, including cars, appliances, toys, plumbing, more.

Ron put obsolete windows in working order.

“I made the small plastic parts I needed to repair my vintage aluminum windows with my Smithy.”

-Ronald B, OH



Machine nearly everything on a rifle, shotgun, pistol, or revolver with a Smithy. Mill sights, Jewel a rifle bolt, taper, chamber, a barrel and even more.


Bob Wants only the best.


“I require the best equipment to make the best guns. The Smith does that for me.”


Bob M., MT



The Smithy works wood, too! Turn round or square wooden workpieces with less chatter and vibration than light, ordinary wood lathes.


Jim made 28 bowls on his Smithy.

“I am very satisfied and recommend the Smithy to anyone. I’ve made 28 bowls various sizes and materials: walnut, pecan, cherry, ash, oak and more.”


Jim D., OK

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