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Nearly 30 years ago Smithy developed the design for the MIDAS machine line and partnered with our sister factory to build these machines. We have made many improvements to the MIDAS machine over the years, and added the GRANITE line. After all these years we still have exclusive partnerships with our sister factories to build MIDAS and GRANITE machines. No other company buys machines like this from our factories.

Since the development of the MIDAS line, there have been many knock-offs built at many different factories. At one point there were 38 different factories making MIDAS style knock-offs.

All of these machines are of inferior design and manufacture - built to sell cheap and generally having a variety of quality problems. Typical quality shortcomings include - pitted castings and inferior bearings, lead screws, and other components.

Chinese Trading Companies - Moving into the US

Recently Chinese trading companies have put up websites in the US market similar to websites common in China. They put pictures and info for a lot of machines on their website, most of which they don’t actually stock and sell. Their website says they have machines in stock, but they actually don’t.

When you call they will try to convince you that another machine they have to sell you is better than all others. This is not the case. To sell at low prices a seller has to buy at low prices. The machine they sell is made by hand at a small local factory and is of poor design and uneven quality.

These companies have a website production office in China where they create manuals and make up user stories to put on their websites- even for machines they have pictured on their site but do not sell. Their strategies are a standard bait-and-switch program that is common in China but should not be allowed to gain ground here.

Only Smithy 3-in-1 machines have the quality built-in throughout the machine building process.

DESIGN: Well-balanced design for efficient tool and operational changes between machining functions. No other 3-in-1 has this level of engineering and design consideration.

MANUFACTURE: DMT employees are involved in the manufacturing and inspection of every machine tool as it goes through each manufacturing step.

QUALITY CONTROL: Each SMITHY machine goes through a thorough inspection at the factory - PLUS, each machine is inspected by DMT personnel at our Ann Arbor, MI facility before shipping to the customer.

AFTER SALES SERVICE: Simply stated, no other company selling 3-in-1 machines has the same level of respect for customer support as Smithy. We have the largest inventory of spare parts, the most knowledgable technicians, and the longest warranty (2 years) in the industry.

There’s a good chance you will only buy one machine like this during your lifetime. Why not buy the best - the one combo machine tool that is “Built to Last a Lifetime,”

PLUS, Smithy machine tools are guaranteed to pay their own way. Buy the original - buy the best!

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