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not a midas

Recently, this machine has shown up on the websites of a couple Chinese companies that are reselling knock-off machine tools. This machine is actually a model that was developed for Smithy and sold by us over 20 years ago, before we started selling Granite machines.

The machine above is a big and heavy machine, but it is also crudely built and of poor quality. After we dropped it, Grizzly tried selling it for a few years then also dropped it.

One of these Chinese reseller websites will tell you it is just like the Granite machine. It absolutely IS NOT similar to the Granite machine.  When we offered this machine, we sold it for $1,200 less than the price they state on their website today - it is not worth this price. They really aren't even trying to sell you this machine. They will tell you the price is too high and you should consider one of their lower priced models. All of their machine models are built at low cost - which means they are of inferior quality.

None of the machines they offer can come close to comparing with the Granite line of machines. Only Detroit Machine Tools backs up its quality claims with superior products, warranty, service and FREE tooling. Buy the best - from the best.

The Granite machine was designed in the USA by our American engineering team. The design was based on customer requests for a heavier, higher precision 3-in-1 machine tool with industrial grade features. Granite machines are built using top quality components - PLUS, to this day, production continues to be directed by Detroit Machine Tool's engineers and technicians.

Consumer Caution - Learn the Facts!

We all deal with cheap, knock-off products every day. Machine tools are no different.

Many Chinese factories are building knock-off 3-in-1 machines that in no way compare to the Granite machines. These days, most of these other combo machines are actually sold direct in this country by resellers who come here from China. They come to the United States, set up a company that appears local, then sell low quality machines online at too-low-to-be true prices.

These online promoters will tell you that they are selling the same machines as Detroit Machine Tools. Do not be fooled. A great number of the machines they advertise are not even in stock. An when it comes time to get parts or service from them? Forget about it!

Also, they often advertise CNC machines they don't actually sell. They are added to the website to improve their search ranking and to make them appear more significant and capable than they actually are - but these machines are not actually sold by them. In reality, the only machines they sell are a few substandard machines that aren't even worth the very low costs they're sold for.

Buy the Best - From the Best!

Think about this for a moment. Buying a machine tool like this will probably be a once-in-a-lifetime purchase. Don't you think you should buy the best machine available? Also, doesn't it make sense to buy from a company that has been around for 30 years, and will continue to be around far into the future?

Knock-off dealers will come and go - Detroit Machine tools will still be here selling the best machines and taking care of their customers.

Remember - the Granite 3-in-1 will pay for itself - Guaranteed!

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