Real Stories From Real Customers
Built His Business with a Smithy

I have made many of my own tools on my Granite. It makes my work easy and a lot more fun. The Smithy helped build my business; in fact, it paid for itself in the first year I bought it. The machine gave me the precision I needed to build the reels, which helped me establish a reputable business based on quality products. My business has grown to the point where I am looking at opening a full-blown machine shop.”

- Brock F, HI, of Island Rocket Reels
As Good As New

In his job as a videographer, Andy Bieber travels widely. On one recent trip, his expensive, imported camera mount arrived broken. Bieber made a new mount on his Smithy, saved $1,300, and nearly paid for his machine in one job.

Gunsmith Saves Over 5K

Douglas could have purchased a reproduction Sharps Model 1874, breech loading, .45-70 caliber rifle - if he wanted to wait five years to spend $5,500. Instead, he built his own with his Smithy. Total cost, including sights: $263.

Saving United Airlines Money

“The Smithy is used in the test lab in the composite shop at United Airlines. We use it to manufacture test coupons for material certification. We also use it to make test fixtures. It has paid for itself in the time it has saved.”

- Roger B. CA, United Airlines
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