MIDAS Gear Drive Lathes

MIDAS Gear Drive Lathes

The MIDAS line offers two great gear-drive lathe machines to customers who want Smithy level customer support - but they want to purchase a stand-alone bench top mill, not a 3-in-1 machine.

Smithy is well known for developing and popularizing 3-in-1 combo machines. WELL, not everyone wants a combo ma- chine - BUT, everyone can use the kind of support that Smithy is well-known for.

So go ahead, take a good look a a couple of the best gear driven lathes available on the market today. Get a great machine - PLUS, Smithy's industry leading customer service.

MI 1237 Lathe
  • High Quality Construction
  • Tough, Gear Drive Design
  • Designed and Built for Accuracy
  • and Durability
  • Double Inspection Process
  • Best Repair Parts Inventory
  • Best Machine Warranty
  • Rugged Design
  • Quality Built In
  • Inspected Twice
  • Best Service Support
For 25 years Smithy has offered the MIDAS line of quality bench top machines
MI 1340L Lathe
MI-1340 Lathe
13” X 40” Gear Drive Lathe
2 HP, 220 Volt
1340 lbs.
MI 1237 Lathe
MI-1237 Lathe
12” X 37” Gear Drive Lathe
2 HP, 220 Volt
860 lbs.

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