Midas Bonus Item

1. FREE SHIPPING - SAVE up to $329 on shipping with the purchase of the MI-1220 XL, MI-1220 LTD or MI-1230 LTD.

2. FREE BONUS ITEM - 2" Boring Head Combo Kit with Fly Cutter - a value of $189 - FREE! 
Professional grade boring head with cutting attachments allows for very accurate hole cutting and finishing. Standard MT3 shaft can be mounted in lathe tailstock or mill spindle. The set includes a 2” boring head, MT3 shaft, five-piece carbide-tipped boring bar set, and perhaps of most interest – an adjustable fly cutting head. The boring head features three mounting configurations for the 1/2" shank cutting tools to allow you to bore holes from 3/8" - 5"+ in diameter. Some larger diameters will require shaping the carbide cutters and there are some practical limitations. When the cutter is mounted horizontally, the boring head will contact the bottom of a blind hole before the cutter. The head is adjustable in 0.001" increments and has a direct read dial for greater accuracy. Maximum hole diameter will vary, again depending on the cutter, how it is positioned in the boring head, and type of hole being cut.

DMT Premium Tooling is top grade – for professional parts manufacturing applications. Sourced, manufactured and tested at our DMT partner factory. These are premium quality tools – NOT cheap, low-precision Chinese knock-offs.

3. FREE TOOL PACK - an extra bonus tool pack worth $935 

Quick-Start Tool Pack
Worth $935
  • Wrench Set
  • Drill Chucks & Arbors (Mill Head & Tailstock)
  • Dead Centers (MT3 & MT4)
  • 5” 3-Jaw Chuck with Key
  • Compound Angle Toolpost
  • Safety Equipment
  • Oil Can
  • Operator's Manual
  • Carbide Bits
  • End Mills (1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2” with 3/8” Shanks)
  • End Mill Adapter (3/8”)
  • 90-Degree Angle Vise
  • T-Slots Nuts (7/16”)
  • Drawbar Kit (12 mm)
  • Drawbar Kit (3/8”)
  • Change Gears Set
  • V-Belt Kit
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