Granite Metric I-MAX


Granite 1324 Metric I-MAX

Granite Industrial MAX

Built For Production - Fits Most Shops

220V 2 HP

With cool running 220V power – built to run all day in a production setting. Bearing upgrade on the lathe spindle gives higher precision. Comes with an industrial grade tool pack(valued at $1,136.11) that will make your tool changes fast and efficient. Features you need when you’re in it to make money.

All MAX Features - PLUS:
  • 220 Volt Power
  • Lathe Bearing Upgrade
  • Chuck Shield
  • Expanded Tool Pack

Granite I-MAX Series

All the bells and whistles - upgraded to give you extra precision, power, speed and capacity. This is the ultimate machine tool combo for the machinist who wants to use the best tools. PLUS - It's still a great value. Faster, easier, more precise - combination you can't beat.
Granite I-MAX Model – Unique Features

220-Volt Power
Longer life and cooler temperatures.
Quick-Change Tool Post
Saves time and money with quicker, more convenient tool changes.
Bearing Upgrade
Industrial applications demand more of tools – better bearings provide greater accuracy, longer life and more operating hours.

Granite 1324 I-MAX

Chuck Shield
Safety comes first in industry – chuck shield keeps you and your machinists safe from flying chips.
Expanded Tool Pack
Tools for industrial applications – like 3” SuperLock Milling Vise and MT3 Live Center
Granite Series - I-MAX Features
30% More Horsepower
Larger 2 HP spindle drive motor. NEW Design! Brushless DC spindle motor adds extra power to take heavier cuts with smoother finishes. Great low end torque.
30% More Milling Capacity
With extended mill head. Take on bigger projects with ease.
Crash Protection System
Unique shear pin design protects your machine from major damage if it is run past its travel limits.
40% More Low End Torque
Take heavier cuts without overworking spindle drive motor.
Mill Head Locking System 
Assures higher precision milling operations. Securely holds mill head position when locked down. Increases rigidity and machining accuracy.
Extended Tailstock Travel
Add extra tailstock stroke. Reach further over the work table and center drill deeper.
Variable Speed Drive
Simply by turning a dial. Increases efficiency, assures fine finishes.
Quick Change Gear Box
Allows immediate thread pitch selection and adjustment of power feed rates.
Very Accurate
Factory specified to +/- .0005”.
Power Feed on X and Y Axes
Power feed on both X and Y axis while turning or milling. Speeds up your work and assures smooth finishes.
Large Pass-Through Spindle Bore
Oversized spindle bore takes large stock – up to 1.125” – through the headstock.
Half-Nut & Threading Dial
Precise engagement assures accurate inch and metric thread cutting. The combination of half-nut and threading dial allows you to cut threads like a journeyman.
Adjustable Height Mill Head
Raise your mill head to accommodate larger work pieces. Lower the mill down to get down close to small set-ups.
Drill Press/Fine Feed Selector
Press the selector IN to engage the fine-feeding function for milling operations. Pull the center nob OUT to use your Granite as a drill press.
Rotating Mill Head
Mill rotates 360 degrees, allowing you to swing it out of the way for lathe operations. The mill head can also be rotated 180 degrees from standard position and set up to work on extra-large or long work pieces.
R8 Mill Spindle Taper
The industry standard taper for bench and knee mill tooling. Add-on tooling is widely available and is generally lower priced.
Rack and Pinion Carriage Travel
Disengage the half-nut and turn rapid feed handle to quickly move work table back and forth for quick positioning.
Ergonomic Main Power Control
Conveniently located – with easy to reach kill switch. Has forward/reverse toggle and push button on/off switch.
DRO mounting holes are drilled and tapped at the factory for easy attachment of DRO upgrade kits.
D1-4 Camlock Lathe Chuck
Industry standard for lathe chuck mounting. Accurate chuck positioning, yet easy to mount or remove lathe chuck.


Model Name
Shipping Weight
Machine Weight
Crate Size Length
Crate Size Width
Crate Size Height
Floor Area Requirement
1324 1340
46" 62"
22-1/2" 22-1/2"
39" 39"
775 lbs 860 lbs
661 lbs 728 lbs
49-1/2" 64-1/2"
22-3/4" 22-3/4"
44" 44"
72" x 39" 85" x 39"
1324 1340
46" 62"
22-1/2" 22-1/2"
39" 39"
794 lbs 904 lbs
683 lbs 750 lbs
49-1/2" 64-1/2"
22-3/4" 22-3/4"
44" 44"
72" x 43" 85" x 43"
1324 1340
46" 62"
22-1/2" 22-1/2"
39" 39"
861 lbs 928 lbs
683 lbs 750 lbs
49-1/2" 64-1/2"
22-3/4" 22-3/4"
44" 44"
72" x 43" 85" x 43"
1324 1340
46" 64-1/2"
27-1/2" 27-1/2"
39" 39"
903 lbs 972 lbs
725 lbs 794 lbs
49-1/2" 64-1/2"
29" 29"
44" 44"
72" x 43" 85" x 43"


Model Family
Motor Type
110 A/C
50/60 Hz
110 A/C
50/60 Hz
220 VAC
50/60 Hz
220 VAC
50/60 Hz


T-Slot Size
Lathe Spindle Accuracy TIR
Powerfeed (X-Axis)
Powerfeed (Y-Axis)
Powerfeed (Z-Axis)
Table Size
Threading Dial
+/- 0.00078"
6-3/4" x 17-3/4"


Distance Between Centers
Dial Calibration Leadscrew
Dial Calibration Longfeed Rack
Dial Calibration Crossfeed
Dial Calibration Tailstock
Dial Calibration on Toolpost
Feed Rate (X-Axis)
Feed Rate (Y-Axis)
Headstock Taper
Lathe Chuck Bore
Lathe Chuck Diameter
Lathe Chuck - Max. iam/W/P
Lathe Chuck - Min. Diam/W/P
Lathe Chuck Mount
Lathe Chuck Type
Spindle Bore
Spindle Speeds
Spindle Accuracy TIR
Swing Over Bed
Swing Over Worktable
Tailstock Offset
Tailstock Taper
Tailstock Barrel Travel
Toolpost Travel
Toolbit Size
X-Axis Travel w/Tailstock
Y-Axis Travel
1324 1340
24" 40"
0.001" (0.0254 mm)
0.01" (0.254 mm)
0.001" (0.0254 mm)
0.001" (0.0254 mm)
0.001" (0.0254 mm)
0.003" - 0.020"
0.001" - 0.006"
D1-4 Camlock
3-Jaw Self-Centering
Variable 0-2800 RPM
SAE 7-52 TPI
20" 35"


Model family
Column Diameter
Dial Calibration Drill-Coarse Feed
Dial Calibration Mill-Fine Feed
Dial Calibration Millhead Up/Dw Crank
Drawbars Size (included)
Drill Chuck Size Mill/Drill (included)
Drill Chuck Size Tailstock (included)
Drill Chuck Arbor Size (included)
Feed Rate (Mill X-Axis)
Feed Rate (Mill Y-Axis)
Head Rotation
Head Travel Z-Axis
Quill Diameter
Quill Travel
Spindle Center to Front of Chuck
Spindle Center to Lathe Spindle Flange
Spindle to Table Distance (min.-max.)
Spindle Speeds
Spindle Taper
Tool Size Limit
X-Axis Travel
Y-Axis Travel
Classic MAX/I-MAX
0.05" (1.27 mm)
0.001" (0.0254 mm)
0.05" (1.27 mm)
0.003" - 0.020"
0.001 - 0.006"
360 Degrees
4-5/8" 8-1/2"
7-1/4" 11-1/4"
4" to 13-3/8"
Variable 0-2800 RPM
9-1/2" 13-3/8"

Financing Options

financing Commercial


ORDERING - Simplicity itself!
Ordering is easy. You may shop here on-line or give us a call at 1-800-476-4849 and we'll process your order over the phone.
DELIVERY - A piece of cake!
In-stock items are shipped from our warehouse via Estes Express within two (2) business days of placing your order. When your machine ships, we'll provide your tracking number. See details below.
SETUP - Not a big deal!
Your Smithy machine has been thoroughly inspected at the factory by our employees. Enlist two or three friends (pizza and beer are a good bribe) to move your Smithy into your shop. Partial disassembly is easy: for example, remove the tailstock and millhead. The Setup DVD (only included with 3-in-1 machines) makes machine setup simple.
Machines within the Continental US, lower 48 states, are shipped using Estes Express. We offer three service options for machine delivery: Basic, Business, and Deluxe. Basic Delivery - brings your machine to the Estes Express trucking terminal nearest you. You will be notified when your machine has arrived and you can arrange pick up. Estes Express Carriers will load your machine into an open bed pickup, cargo van, or trailer. Business Delivery - Estes Express Carriers will bring your machine directly to your business. Your business needs to be able to accommodate a semi-trailer and must have equipment such as a forklift to off load your machine when it is delivered. Deluxe Delivery - This is the more convenient option! Your machine will be delivered curbside to the end of your driveway on a main road and lowered to ground level by a lift gate truck. Your area must be accessible to a semi-truck and someone must be home to accept delivery. If you have any questions regarding the accessibility to your home, please contact the nearest Estes Express Carriers terminal for assistance. To find the nearest terminal call us at 1-800-476-4849. Note: This charge is in addition to the standard delivery charges.
Transit times vary depending on your location. The best way to determine transit time is to go to Estes Express Website. Please note: Delivery time is to the destination terminal. If you have opted for Deluxe Delivery, there will be an additional 1-3 days dependent on the terminal's liftgate delivery schedule.
Once your machine has left our facility, we will e-mail you the tracking number (if you have supplied an e-mail address), known as the Pro Number in the trucking world. Go to the Estes Express Website and click on "Shipment Tracing" in the left sidebar and type in your Pro Number. Once your machine has reached the destination terminal, a customer service representative from Estes Express Carriers will contact you to let you know that your machine is ready for pick-up. If you have opted for Deluxe Delivery, a customer service representative from Estes Express Carriers will call you to set-up a delivery time.
If you are picking up at an Estes Express Carriers terminal your machine will be loaded into your vehicle for you with a forklift. If you have opted for Deluxe Delivery, Estes Express Carriers will bring your shipment curbside to the end of your driveway on a main road, it will be lowered to the ground with a lift gate and is your responsibility to bring the crate inside your workshop.
For more information on delivery, please review our Quick Start Guide.
*Note: Shipping costs may change with short notice, please call or e-mail for exact prices.
Machine Basic Delivery Business Delivery Deluxe Delivery
Midas 1220 XL $229 $229 $299
Midas 1220 LTD $229 $229 $299
Granite 1324 $269 $269 $339
Granite 1340 $329 $329 $399
Granite 1324 MAX $269 $269 $339
Granite 1340 MAX $329 $329 $399
Granite 1324 I-MAX $269 $269 $339
Granite 1340 I-MAX $329 $329 $399
Granite 1340 Elite I-MAX $329 $329 $399
MI-409 Mill $329 $329 $399
MI-1340 Lathe $329 $329 $399
MI-329 Mill $329 $329 $399
MI-1237 Lathe $329 $329 $399
MI-921 Lathe Variable Drive $329 $329 $399
MI-205 Mill Variable Drive $329 $329 $399
CNC 1240 Mill Request Quote Request Quote Request Quote
CNC 1315 Lathe Request Quote Request Quote Request Quote
Accessories are shipped UPS or USPS to your "bill to address" unless otherwise specified at the time of ordering. Due to weight and size, large accessory orders and the specific accessories listed below are shipped via Estes Express. Prices may vary depending on combination of accessories purchased. Please contact Customer Support (800-476-4849) if you have any questions. At this time these items include:
Item Code Item Cost Shipped with Machine Cost Shipped Separately
80-010 Stand, MI-1237 $60 $75
80-020 Stand, GN-1340 Machines $60 $75
80-045 Stand, Smithy 1324 Models $60 $75
80-050 Stand, MI-1340 $60 $75
80-055 Stand, MI-329 MI-409 $60 $75
80-070 Stand, MI-205MV $60 $75
80-090 Stand, MI-921LV $60 $75
33-108 Super Indexer $60 $75
When Shipping to Alaska we make every effort to ship your machine and all accessories via one carrier to keep the shipping cost to a minimum. Estes Express Carriers will deliver your machine to Pacific Alaska Freightways (PAF) in Fife, Washington. PAF will arrange to send your machine to the final destination terminal in Alaska where we can arrange to have you pick it up at the terminal or have it delivered to your home or business. To receive a quotation, click here.
PAF Shipping Schedule
Sailing Day Delivery in Anchorage Delivery in Fairbanks Delivery in Kenai/Soldotna
Wednesday (PM) Mon/Tue Mon/Tue Mon/Tue
Friday (PM) Tue/Wed Wed/Thu Wed/Thu
Delivery in Homer and Seward: Tuesdays and Thursdays PAF Hours of Service: Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 6:00pm PAF Cut Off Times: To ensure your freight makes the scheduled sailing, please have your shipments to PAF's Fife Facility as follows: Mid Week Sailing - 12 Noon Wednesday
Weekend Sailing - 12 Noon Friday
If you do not want liftgate delivery, listed below are the terminals where your machine can be delivered.
Pacific Alaska Forwarders
431 E. 104th Ave.
Anchorage, AK 99515
Phone: 907-336-2567
Fax: 907-336-1567
Fax: 907-789-6326
Glacier Trucking
2266 Industrial Blvd.
Juneau, AK 99801
Phone: 907-789-6362
Pacific Alaska Freightways
3350 Koba Way
Fairbanks, AK 99709
Phone: 907-452-7971
Fax: 907-452-6698
Northland Services
3311 Tongass Ave.
Ketchikan, AK 99901
Phone: 907-225-2039
Fax: 907-225-6729
Pacific Alaska Freightways
West Poppy Lane
Kenai, AK 99669
Phone: 907-262-6137
Fax: 907-262-1448
Southern Alaska Forwarding
3420 Rezenoff Drive
Kodiak, AK 99615
Phone: 907-486-8501
Fax: 907-262-1448
Cordova Airporter
PO Box 338
Cordova, AK 99574
Phone: 907-424-3286
Fax: 907-424-3287
When shipping to Hawaii we make every effort to ship your machine and all accessories via one carrier to keep the shipping cost to a minimum. We use Estes Express Carriers to deliver your machine to the islands. Machines are shipped from our warehouse in Ann Arbor, Michigan to the Port of Los Angeles where they are loaded on a boat destined for Hawaii.
Sailing Schedule from Los Angeles
To Island ofDeparture DateTransportation Time From Port
OahuEvery Wednesday5-7 Days
OahuEvery Saturday7 Days
MauiEvery Saturday10 Days
KuauiEvery Saturday10 Days
HiloEvery Saturday10 Days
KonaEvery Saturday10 Days
When shipping to Puerto Rico we make every effort to ship your machine and all accessories via one carrier to keep the shipping cost to a minimum. We use Estes Express Carriers to deliver your machine to the port of San Juan where it is removed from a container and delivered directly to you if you desire. Machines are shipped from our warehouse in Ann Arbor, Michigan to the Port of Elizabeth, New Jersey, or Jacksonville, Florida where they are loaded on a boat destined for San Juan. There are weekly sailings from both of these ports to ensure a speedy delivery. To request a quote, please e-mail
When shipping to Canada we make every effort to ship your machine and all accessories via one carrier to keep the shipping cost to a minimum. We use Estes Express to the US-Canadian border where the shipment is then handed over to TST Overland and is delivered to one of their service terminals throughout Canada. Customs clearance is required for all shipments going to Canada regardless of the price or country of origin, this must be arranged by the customer on the receiving end through a broker. The shipment will not leave Detroit if Estes Express does not have the Customs Broker information for the shipment. All shipments are subject to customs, duties, and any applicable local taxes and these fees are the customers responsibility upon receipt. If you do not have a customs broker, we recommend A & A Customs Brokers out of Surrey, BC. They specialize in clearing shipments into Canada for individuals. They have offices in most Canadian Provinces and are ready to assist you with your Smithy shipment into Canada. They can be reached at888-663-4270. To learn more, visit
Unless otherwise requested, we ship your machine and all accessories ocean freight. Ocean freight is calculated by weight, dimensions, and delivery options. (For example, door to port or door to door services). All shipments are subject to customs, duties, and any applicable local taxes and are the customers responsibility upon receipt. Shipping is arranged through our freight forwarder unless otherwise requested. To request a quote, please e-mail

Machine/Model Comparisons

What is the difference between the Granite and Midas Machines?

The biggest difference is that the Granite machines are bigger, more powerful and more automated than the Midas machines. The Granite has very good power feeds on X and Y, quick change gear box, and most importantly, a variable speed spindle. Speed changes are made with the turn of a dial. The Midas machines are more manual – gears and belts are changed by hand.

The Granite machines also have tooling that is easier and faster to use. The R8 spindle taper and D1-4 lathe chuck mounts are the industry standard for US productions settings. Tool changes are quicker and easier and the tooling is easy to find for both machine lines; the R8 standard tooling on the Granite machines is generally cheaper.

What is more important to you – time or money? If you are trying to make or save money and you need to maximize speed and efficiency, then the Granite machines are probably your better choice. If you have more time than money then maybe the lower-cost Midas is better for you.

Click for Comparison Chart

Machine Comparison

GN-1340 I-MAX 35" x 7-5/8" 13-1/2" x 7-5/8" x 13-3/8" 13" 1.125"
GN-1324 I-MAX 20" x 7-5/8" 13-1/2" x 7-5/8" x 13-3/8" 13" 1.125"
GN-1340 MAX 35" x 7-5/8" 13-1/2" x 7-5/8" x 13-3/8" 13" 1.125"
GN-1324 MAX 20" x 7-5/8" 13-1/2" x 7-5/8" x 13-3/8" 13" 1.125"
GN-1340 35" x 7-5/8" 9-1/2" x 7-5/8" x 13-3/8" 13" 1.125"
GN-1324 20" x 7-5/8" 9-1/2" x 7-5/8" x 13-3/8" 13" 1.125"
MI-1220 LTD 14" x 8-1/2" 12-1/16" x 8-1/2" x 13" 12" 1.08"
MI-1220 XL 15" x 7-5/8" 6-5/8" x 7-/3/8" x 13" 12" 1.08"

Machining Capacity Considerations

GN-1340 I-MAX Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 220 V Brushless DC 2 HP (Variable Speed)
GN-1324 I-MAX Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 220 V Brushless DC 2 HP (Variable Speed)
GN-1340 MAX Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 110 V Brushless DC 2 HP (Variable Speed)  
GN-1324 MAX Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 110 V Brushless DC 2 HP (Variable Speed)
GN-1340 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 110 V Brush DC 1.5 HP (Variable Speed)
GN-1324 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 110 V Brush DC 1.5 HP (Variable Speed)
MI-1220 LTD Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes 110 VAC 3/4" HP (Lathe & Mill)
MI-1220 XL Yes No No No No Half Nut-Yes, Treading Dial-Optional 110 VAC 3/4" HP

What are the differences between the Granite Classic, MAX, Industrial MAX and I-MAX Elite?

Each Granite model adds features as you go from the Classic on up to the Elite:

Granite Classic: The original model that's been paying its own way for over 20 years. Tens of thousands are in use around the world.

Granite MAX: 30% more horsepower and higher torque with 2 HP brushless DC variable drive spindle motor. 30% more milling capacity than the Classic with extended mill head. The MAX is the ultimate small/home shop combo tool.

Granite Industrial MAX: All the great features of the MAX series, plus a lathe spindle bearing upgrade and expanded tooling package for real production operations. Faster and easier to use. Also has 220 power for all-day production operations. Perfect for production settings, yet fits most shops.

Granite I-MAX Elite: Has all the machining function and capacity of the I-MAX, plus lots of other features that make the Elite the “luxury model” of the combo tool world. Built to last a lifetime – with features that make the Elite a pleasure to use.
Includes these features:

  • Digital Tachometer
  • One-Shot Lube System
  • Splash Shield
  • Folding Safety Handles
  • Work Light
Click for Granite model comparison details:
GN-1340 I-MAX 62" x 22-1/2" x 39" 935 $1,012.01 220 V 2 HP Brushless DC Motor 8-1/2" Yes
GN-1324 I-MAX 46" x 22-1/2" x 39" 800 $1,012.01 220 V 2 HP Brushless DC Motor 8-1/2" Yes
GN-1340 MAX 62" x 22-1/2" x 39" 935 $541.76 110 V 2 HP Brushless DC Motor 8-1/2"  
GN-1324 MAX 46" x 22-1/2" x 39" 800 $541.76 110 V 2 HP Brushless DC Motor 8-1/2"  
GN-1340 62" x 22-1/2" x 39" 910 $541.76 110 V 1.5 HP Brush Type DC Motor 4-5/8"  
GN-1324 46" x 22-1/2" x 39" 775 $541.79 110 V 1.5 HP Brush Type DC Motor 4-5/8"  

What's the differences between the Granite 1324 and 1340?

Smithy model numbers give you the swing in the first two numbers and distance between centers in the last two. All Granite machines have a 13" diameter swing. The 1324 is 24" between centers while the 1340 is 40". All the other features are the same.

Who uses a Granite 1340?

Typically people who don't want to be limited by their options. Practical applications include:

  • Agriculture – drive shafts, PTO shafts
  • Auto – drive shafts, axles
  • Gunsmithing – black powder, bull barrels
  • Hydraulic Cylinder repair
  • Karting - axles


What sort of tolerance can I expect from these machines?

The Granite specification is one-half to one thousandth of an inch production tolerance. The “TIR” (total indicated run-out) should not exceed .001” on any spindle assuming that you have followed proper setup procedures and have not exceeded the physical capacities of the machine or surpassed the safe feed/speed rates.

What are the machine weights and dimensions? Will they fit in a standard 8' pickup truck bed?

Yes, all Smithy combo machines fit into a standard 8’ pickup truck bed. A disassembled machine stand will also fit in the pickup bed, along with the machine.

Click for machines shipping dimensions and weights details.
GN-1340 Elite I-MAX 65" x 28" x 39" 972 lbs
GN-1324 Elite I-MAX 46" x 28" x 39" 905 lbs
GN-1340 I-MAX 62" x 22-1/2" x 39" 935 lbs
GN-1324 I-MAX 46" x 22-1/2" x 39" 800 lbs
GN-1340 MAX 62" x 22-1/2" x 39" 935 lbs
GN-1324 MAX 46" x 22-1/2" x 39" 800 lbs
GN-1340 62" x 22-1/2" x 39" 910 lbs
GN-1324 46" x 22-1/2" x 39" 775 lbs
80-045 Stand for all Midas and Granite 1324 machines 56" x 22" x 13" 150 lbs
80-020 Stand for Granite 1340 machines Stand comes in 2 boxes, left & right. The chip tray and connecting shield are packaged in with the machine.

Left Box Dimensions: 29-1/2" x14" x 16"
Right Box Dimensions: 29-1/2" x 14" x 18"
Assembled Dimensions: 59" X 19-3/4" x 28-1/4"
Left Box:
66 lbs

Right Box:
53 lbs

Are the dials in inch or metric?

Inch, but a metric Granite model is available. Click for Metric Granite

Does your machine have the hole through the center of the spindle and what size is it?

Yes, all Granite machines have a 1.125” spindle bore through the center of the spindle for passing stock through.

Setting Up Machine

What are the power requirements for the machines? What plug style do I need for the 220 Volt Machines? What amp service is required?

Granite Classic and MAX machines run on 110 volt power and plug into a standard household outlet. The Granite I-MAX and I-MAX Elite run on 220 volt power and use a NEMA 6-15 plug.

Although the motors are DC motors, they still plug into a normal wall outlet. The AC to DC conversion is done by the motor controller or drive.

The motors draw from 8-16 amps. We recommend using a dedicated 20 AMP breaker.

How much space do I need to accommodate the machine?

A Granite normally takes up the space required to store a bicycle. When planning for your Granite installation be sure to account for movement around the machine and opening the pulley door on the left end.

Using the Machine

How easy is it to cut threads on the Granite machine?

The quick change gearbox makes choosing thread pitches very easy. The threading dial helps you stay on track while cutting threads. Cutting inch threads is straight forward. Cutting metric threads can be done, but it requires manually changing a gear. Good metric threads can be made on the Granite. The threading dial is not used when cutting a metric thread.

How good are the power feeds on the X and Y axes? Are they helpful?

You can power feed on the X or Y axis – whether using the lathe or mill. Easy to engage, with 21 different feed rate options for optimal surface finishes. Cross feed safety shear pin prevents damage to machine apron when travel limits are accidentally exceeded. The safety clutch on the lead screw prevents damage to the gearbox and transmission when travel limits are exceeded.

Who uses the Granite and what profession are they?

  • Small Production: Granite machines meet industrial tolerances and are used in a wide variety of production settings for small manufacturers or as a second machine.
  • Repair Shops: Auto, aviation, boat, gunsmith, farm, motorcycle, models. The list goes on and on.
  • Education/Military: Great tool for educational settings. All machining operations can be shown on one compact machine. Used extensively in military settings where space is at a premium.
  • Engineering/R & D: You would be surprised at the number of engineering labs and schools that have a Granite machine in the corner for when you need. Used extensively in R & D settings, by both big and small companies.
  • Small/Home Shop: Some Granite owners are current or retired machinists. The vast majority of Granite owners don't have a lot of experience with machining. The common interest is the need to make or save money by producing your own parts. Remember, all Granite machines are guaranteed to pay their own way.

Tooling for the Machine

What is included in the machine tool package that comes with the machine?

Smithy machines are shipped with tools that allow you to do basic milling and turning from day one. See the Features Tab on each machine's product page.

Do you offer a larger lathe chuck for the Granite? Can I exchange the standard chuck for it?

We offer a 8" 4-jaw chuck plus a 6" 4-jaw chuck but larger 3-jaw chucks are not offered at this time. Any D1-4 chuck will work on the Granite spindles. We do not offer "trade-ups" on the machines accessories or items in the free Quick-Start Tool Packs.

If I purchase a Granite machine and decide to put CNC on it later, will it be just a straight CNC or can I switch back from CNC to manual?

The advantage of upgrading our Granite machines with CNC is that you lose none of the original functionality of the machines. You can still retain the original power feed as well as the mechanical feed on the machines.

GRANITE 3-in-1 Lathe - Mill - Drill PRODUCT USES
Earn or Save Money Guaranteed
The possible uses for a Granite machine in your shop are literally unlimited. There’s one thing you’ll know for sure. The Granite machine WILL save and make you money. It’s the one machine you will own that is guaranteed to pay it’s own way.
Here are a few popular uses for the Granite 3-in-1 Lathe-Mill-Drill:
Hundreds of Granite owners have built a business around their combo machine. Hundreds of established manufacturing operations use Granite machines in parts production or as a backup to their big machines. Either way, owning a Granite 3-in-1 will make you money.
We often get pictures from happy machinists who were able to restore their dream machine with help from a Granite machine. You name the machine, a Granite machine has been used in many types of restoration projects – cars, hot rods, motorcycles, trucks, snowmobiles, boats, airplanes… the list goes on and on.
The big advantage of Granite machines is that many machines can be set up in a small space - and within a limited budget. More students are able to have individual time on their own machines. With the Granite you will minimize shop space - while maximizing ergonomic efficiency and safety for unexperienced operators.
Models/small Engine:
Making small parts works especially well on the Granite machine. Granite owners use their machine to make and repair parts for live steam engines, R/C model cars, boats, planes, and helicopters(crashing can be expensive if you have to buy parts – make ‘em yourself).
It’s hard to list all the uses for a Granite machine in a maintenance shop. Thousands of Granite owners save big bucks fixing parts when the need arises. Versatile and easy to tuck into a corner, the Granite machine will fix or produce any part you can figure out how to make.
Accurate enough to use in the main shop – compact enough to fit in the race trailer. Granite machines have found happy homes in a variety of racing venues – NASCAR, IndyCar, SCCA, NHRA… and every local type of racing you can imagine – cars, karts, boats, motorcycles, snowmobiles, lawnmowers, etc., etc.
R & D And Prototyping:
No need to pull work away from a production machine to make a one off part when you have a Granite combo machine in the shop. You wouldn’t believe the number of University level engineering schools that have a Granite machine in their research lab. Accurate and compact.
Used by hundreds of professional gunsmiths across North America. The Granite is the ideal machine for machinists that work in a small space, but still need accuracy, and the versatility to make a wide variety of part types. The Granite is the perfect fit for the gunsmith shop.
More Uses
Of course, possible uses for a Granite machine are not limited to these eight applications. What would you do with a Granite machine in your shop?
Give us a call, we are interested in your ideas!


With a Granite Metric 1324/1340 Industrial MAX

  • Largest Capacity
  • Most Power – Cool Running, All-Day Operation
  • More Precision – Lathe Bearing Upgrade
  • Best Warranty – 2 Full Years
  • Industry’s Best Service – For almost 30 Years
  • FREE Quick-Start Tool Pack – worth $1,276
Put a Machine Shop on Your Bench Top ORDER YOUR GRANITE I-MAX TODAY!
Granite 1324 I-MAX (Metric)
Retail $$5,899.00
Low as $86.96/mo
Granite 1340 I-MAX (Metric)
Retail $$6,399.00
Low as $99.10/mo

R-8 Collet Kit
End Mill Set
MT3 to MT3 Extension Socket
TiN-Coated Indexable Insert (for 44-020 and 47-515)
FREE Granite Metric I-MAX
Quick-Start Tool Pack
Worth $1,276
  • End Mill Adapter (3/8”)
  • Superlock Vise (3”)
  • T-Slots Nuts (7/16”)
  • Drawbar Kit (7/16”)
  • Metric Threading Gears
  • Quick Change Tool Post
  • Live Center
  • Operator's Manual
  • Carbide Bits
  • Compound Angle Tool Post
  • Wrench Set
  • Drill Chuck & Arbor (Mill Head)
  • Drill Chuck & Arbor (Tailstock)
  • Dead Centers (MT3 & MT4)
  • 6” 3-Jaw Chuck with Key
  • Safety Equipment
  • Chuck Guard
  • Oil Can
  • End Mills
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