GRANITE COMBO Lathe⋅Mill⋅Drill - Product Uses

Earn or Save Money

The possible uses for a Granite machine in your shop are literally unlimited. There’s one thing you’ll know for sure. The Granite machine WILL save and make you money. It’s the one machine you will own that is guaranteed to pay it’s own way.

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Here are a few popular uses for the Granite Combo Lathe⋅Mill⋅Drill:

MANUFACTURING: Hundreds of Granite owners have built a business around their combo machine. Hundreds of established manufacturing operations use Granite machines in parts production or as a backup to their big machines. Either way, owning a Granite 3-in-1 will make you money.

EDUCATION: The big advantage of Granite machines is that many machines can be set up in a small space - and within a limited budget.  More students are able to have individual time on their own machines.  With the Granite you will minimize shop space - while maximizing ergonomic efficiency and safety for unexperienced operators.

MAINTENANCE: It’s hard to list all the uses for a Granite machine in a maintenance shop. Thousands of Granite owners save big bucks fixing parts when the need arises. Versatile and easy to tuck into a corner, the Granite machine will fix or produce any part you can figure out how to make.

R & D and PROTOTYPING: No need to pull work away from a production machine to make a one off part when you have a Granite combo machine in the shop. You wouldn’t believe the number of University level engineering schools that have a Granite machine in their research lab. Accurate and compact.

RESTORATION: We often get pictures from happy machinists who were able to restore their dream machine with help from a Granite machine. You name the machine, a Granite machine has been used in many types of restoration projects – cars, hot rods, motorcycles, trucks, snowmobiles, boats, airplanes… the list goes on and on.

MODELS/SMALL ENGINE: Making small parts works especially well on the Granite machine. Granite owners use their machine to make and repair parts for live steam engines, R/C model cars, boats, planes, and helicopters(crashing can be expensive if you have to buy parts – make ‘em yourself).

RACING: Accurate enough to use in the main shop – compact enough to fit in the race trailer. Granite machines have found happy homes in a variety of racing venues – NASCAR, IndyCar, SCCA, NHRA… and every local type of racing you can imagine – cars, karts, boats, motorcycles, snowmobiles, lawnmowers, etc., etc.

GUNSMITHING: Used by hundreds of professional gunsmiths across North America. The Granite is the ideal machine for machinists that work in a small space, but still need accuracy, and the versatility to make a wide variety of part types. The Granite is the perfect fit for the gunsmith shop.

Of course, possible uses for a Granite machine are not limited to these eight applications.
What would you do with a Granite machine in your shop?
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