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NOTICE: This Midas model is not currently available.

Unfortunately, the factory that has built our Midas 1220/1230

machines for nearly 40 years did not survive the pandemic.  So far,

we have been unsuccessful in finding a factory that will build these

machines for us.  We will continue to search for a factory that can

build this model for us, and will keep you posted on this situation.


For now, the only small combo lathe/mill machine available is the

MI-1620/1630 machines.  



DO MORE than you thought Possible!

110V ¾ HP

Smithy started the 3-in1 machine tool craze back in the mid-1980’s with the Midas. The Midas line remains as strong as ever: The all-in-one solution for individuals and companies that have smaller shops and budgets, do a moderate amount of machining, can forgo some “bells & whistles”… but demand Smithy quality and service all the way.

Smithy Combo Lathe Mill | Smithy - The Original & Still the Best

Midas Machine Features:
  • Precision – Repeatability to to 0.001”
  • Large Work Table – Larger work pieces
  • Thread Cutting – Right, left, inch and            metric
  • Power Feeds – On LTD model
  • Larger Spindle Bore – Up to 1” bar stock





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