Granite XT Overview

Smithy Lathe Mill Combo | SMITHY- Original 3-in-1 & Still The Best
GRANITE - As Close As You’ll Get to American Made
1) US Developed and Designed: By Smithy engineers in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Design ideas were based on machine user requests.
2) Higher precision than other combo tools: Granite components are machined to tighter specs - bearings are higher grade - basic design is higher precision.
3) Best Quality Production: The Smithy Granite machine was deigned in the Smithy product lab in Ann Arbor, Michigan..
4) Superior Features: You can finish machining tasks -easier and faster - on a Granite machine.
Other 3-in-1 combo tools can't compare to the built-in quality and features of SMITHY tools.

Smithy Lathe Mill Combo 
America’s Best Benchtop Machine Shop
 Guaranteed to Pay its Own Way - From Production to Home Shop - America's #1 Lathe Mill Combo Machine
GRANITE: Quality, Precision, and Reliability Built-In
Premium Bench Top Machine Tool - America's #1 - for over 25 years
PRECISION: Compares to more expensive tools.
BALANCE: Easy change over for different operations.
FEATURES: Pro features help you work faster.
MASS: Heavy castings add more precision.
RELIABILITY: Designed and built for a lifetime of work.
Premium Features - Provide the Best Results
Watch this video and learn about the GRANITE Lathe Mill Drill - American designed and quality controlled.  With balanced features and precision that set it above the rest.  SMITHY - The original benchtop combo machine.  Designed and built for American machinists and craftsmen - and a lifetime of work.
Comments from Successful Smithy Owners
“I can make or fix almost anything on my Smithy: tooling, repair equipment, prototypes, and turkey and other game calls. I looked at several single-operation machines but I liked Smithy’s looks, specs, and the way it is constructed and functions. I needed Smithy quality at an affordable price. Best reasons to own a Smithy? Price, construction, versatility, quality, looks, and ease of operation.” - Edward T. PA

Granite Owners Make Money - And Save Money Too
“I own a business manufacturing aftermarket snowmobile and ATV parts and accessories. I use my Smithy for small production runs. It has paid for itself approximately 3 to 4 times over at this point.” - Ernest N.
Put a Precision Machine Shop - On Your Bench Top
Machine it Yourself - Do it Right!
On a Smithy 3-in-1 Lathe.Mill.Drill
Lathe Turning
Turn outside and inside diameters to precise dimensions
  • Do facing cuts and taper turning
  • Cut inch and metric threads
  • Cut metals as hard as high carbon steel
  • Also - materials as soft as plastic or wood
  • Variable drive means no belt changes
Mill flat surfaces, angles, and pockets with precision
  • Precision manufacturing of flat surfaces and angled cuts
  • Create shoulders, grooves, dovetails, and pockets
  • Mill keyways and slots
  • Variable drive makes finding the right speed easy
Drill, ream, and bore holes up to 1.5” in diameter
  • Drill head rotates a full 360 degrees
  • Can be raised to accommodate large work
  • Drill and mill interchangeably on the same project
  • Drill, counterbore, countersink, and tap

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