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MI-1220 LTD - 010317

This is virtually a new machine. Machine was a return. Customer updgraded to get more capacity and automatic features. The machine was run less than a week. It had a minimal amount of chips on it. One cutter was used. Machine has been cleaned and the cutter replaced. Looks like a new machine. Full 2 year warranty applies.

Includes Quick Start Tool Pack and 2-Year Warranty
sale machine
GN-1324 - 020417

This was a showroom/demo machine. It has minor use, some scratches that have been touched-up. Machine has a new toolpack and 2-year warranty. 1.5 horsepower DC variable speed motor.

Includes Quick Start Tool Pack and 2-Year Warranty
sale machine
MI-409MR - 052317

Used machine - replaced motor and gear box

sale machine
GN-1324 blue - 020517

This is a blue GN-1324. It has been in the crate, unused and is now being offered for sale. It's been tested, lubricated, cleaned, new motor installed, and it is ready to run. The Quick Start Tool Package comes with the machine. The machine has a 2-year "New Machine" warranty.

sale machine
LX-329 - 040317

This machine is the predecessor to the current 409 mill. It features a table with the dimensions of 32" x 9" and has an X/Y travel of 17"/9". A mechanical powerfeed is on all 3 axes, X, Y, & Z. The Z axis also features a tapping cycle. The mill head height adjustment has a motor to move the entire head up and down for optimum work height for the mill spindle.

sale machine
LX329 - 040117

This is a new but old machine that needed work. Powerfeed drive motor was replaced. Screw mounts were removed and reworked. Paint shows breaks where work was done. It has powerfeed on all 3 axes and drill/tap cycles in the Z-axis. Mill head travels on the dovetail column with a small motor on the Z-axis screw.

sale machine
LX329 - 040517

 This machine was an LX-329 but the powerfeed on the X&Y have been removed. If a powerfeed is wanted, it is possible to purchase -- see 82-075, $320. The machine sat for several years and had some surface rust on the table that has been removed. Motor runs quiet. It should be a good manual feed machine, even though the mill head powerfeed still works for downfeeding.

sale machine
CQ9332C - 071417

The CQ9332C is a 12" x 36" lathe with a 6 inch 3-jaw chuck with inside and outside jaws on a 3-bolt pattern mount on the spindle. Spindle bore is 38mm, 1.49". The machine has a completely shielded lead screw and a control drive shaft to allow the operator to control the spindle from the apron. The apron has the controls for the power feeds for the crossfeed and longitudinal feeds. You can cut or chase threads with the machine in inch and metric. It has the classic half-nut for engaging the leadscrew and a threading dial for inch threads. There is a heavy gear system for transferring power from the spindle to the leadscrew. Nine spindle speeds are available from 75 RPM through 1900 RPM through a two step pulley system and speed selector levers for high-speed and low-speed operations.It has a safety mushroom kill switch for operator safety. The motor is a 1700 RPM, 220 volt 1 1/2 horse power motor. The machine comes with a work light, built-in coolant system, and chip tray with catch basin sitting on top of a custom stand. It was brought in as a sample machine and is a one-of-a-kind. It is new and has testing and run-in hours only on the machine. It is sold AS-IS and has no warranty. Stand comes with machine.

Includes Stand
sale machine
CNC-1315 LATHE - 071417-2

Smithy CNC 1315 Lathe. The lathe has a 13" swing and 15" between centers. It comes with a 6 inch 3-jaw chuck with inside and outside jaws with a D1-4 spindle mount. It has a manual tailstock with a MT#3. The toolpost is a 4 position rotating tool post and the cross-slide features a platen where gang tools could also be mounted. It comes with coolant pump, reservoir and nozzle. It has an automatic lubricating pump. A work light is included. Control cables are shielded and armored. The ways are prismatic and are induction hardened. The control system is based on Linux and features the Smithy EZ-trol system. The control screen is a large 13" x 10.75", and it comes with a keyboard and mouse. It has precision ballscrews and quality stepper motors.

Includes Stand
sale machine
CNC -1417 - 071417-3

AutoMateCNC Flat Bed Gang Tool +Turret Lathe with 4 HP Spindle and Siemens 808D control system. This is a DEMO machine, with less than 20 Hours - customer upgraded to one of our larger CNC machines. Machine has been thoroughly tested and serviced upon return to our warehouse.

Includes 5C collet system with foot activated pneumatic closer - PLUS, a manual 6" 3-Jaw chuck with inside and outside jaws is included at no extra cost.

High performance 6-tool turret with very efficient "through the turret" coolant delivery - PLUS, a 2-Tool gang plate. The tail stock is included with this machine.

Very heavy castings with a cast base, a total of almost 2500 pounds, add to this machine's high precision. Built at the same factory that makes Tormach machines, and where we make the Smithy Granite machines.

Compact Turret Style Lathe 5C + 6" Chuck, 6-Tool Turret and Tail Stock

One of our most versatile lathes, with heavyweight precision, options and features. This lathe is a willing and valuable partner to the shop owner who wants a CNC lathe that is small enough to fit into the corner - but universal enough to take on a wide variety of turning chores.

Has the features of a big production lathe but, packed into a small footprint. High speed, high performance 6-tool turret, along with tough, heavy castings and high precision gives you real production capacity.

Performance Details:

Siemens 808D CNC Control

Siemens Servo Motors and Drives on X/Z

Closed Loop System

Pneumatic 5C w/Foot Actuator

Manual 6" 3-Jaw Chuck

6-Turret Tool Post w/Gang Tools

Through Turret Coolant Delivery

Tail Stock w/12" Travel

1.7" Spindle Bore

200-2800 Spindle RPM

4 HP Spindle

Travel: X=11"/Z =17"

Efficient Ergonomic Design

Coolant pump, reservoir, and nozzle

Chip collection system

Warranty Details:

1 year on AutoMateCNC Gang + Turret lathe


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