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Currently we are offering a COMPLETE Rotary Table Tool Pack for FREE – with the purchase of a Granite Combo machine.  

A quality-grade rotary table is on every machinist's wish list and now you can have one for FREE - a value of over $500.

This is in addition to FREE SHIPPING (Valued up to $329)

The rotary table is one of the most usable accessories for manual milling, but it is expensive for many machine owners. Here is your chance to get a quality rotary table for FREE!

Here is what you get in the Rotary Table Pack:

  • 6" Rotary Table - Drill holes and bolt-hole patterns, mill intersecting slots and curved slots precisely.

  • Tailstock for 6" Rotary Table - Support your work with this tailstock when using your rotary table in the vertical position. Perfect to use when indexing a cylindrical workpiece.

  • Dividing Plates - Cut gears with your rotary table by using dividing plates (index plates) to get the exact divisions. You can also precisely divide a circle into a number of divisions or degrees, cut bolt hole circles, or mill polygons with the use of these dividing plates.
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