Rotary Table


Drill holes and bolt-hole patterns, mill intersecting slots and curved slots precisely. Includes worm drive hand wheel with Vernier ring for 4-degree table movement per turn, four T-slot ways, and two table clamp handles for stability. Main body mounts horizontally and vertically. You will need the table, tailstock, and chuck to complete your rotary table. The 6” table is a complete pack including the dividing plates and the tailstock. The 8” table takes 1/2” T-slot nuts (35-110) and has an MT3 bore. The clamp set is used to hold down any shaped workpiece to the milling table and works perfectly with the rotary table. The 6" table uses the 7/16" set.
K99-33200Rotary Table Tool Pack - K99-33200$502.00
33-101Dividing Plates for 6” Rotary Table$110.00
33-102Tailstock for 6” Rotary Table$104.00
33-103Chuck Flange for 6” & 8” Rotary Table$79.99
33-1045” Chuck for 6” & 8” Rotary Table$235.00
33-1058” Precision Rotary Table$359.45
33-106Dividing Plates for 8” Rotary Table$136.50
33-107Tailstock for 8” Rotary Table & Super Indexer$172.00
35-00052-Piece Clamp Kit - 7/16”$91.29
35-105T-Slot Nut 7/16”$3.00
35-110T-Slot Nut 1/2”$3.00
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