5C Collet Kit


All you need to set up with collets. This 5C Collet Kit is perfect for machinists who demand higher precision. The scrolling 5C Collet Chuck secures the 5C collet in place and allows the operator to easily change out collets. includes 8 collets (3/16" thru 1"), collet stop, 5C scrolling chuck, chuck key and collet rack. Granite series shown.
K99-267 KIT5C Collet Kit (Granite 1300 Series D1-4)$275.00
67-024NScrolling 5C Collet Chuck (Granite Series)$199.00
67-0015C Collet Stopper$10.95
66-7015C COLLET RACK$15.50
66-0025C Round Collet 3/16"$7.65
66-0045C Round Collet 1/4"$7.65
66-0065C Round Collet 3/8"$7.65
66-0085C Round Collet 1/2"$7.65
66-0105C Round Collet 5/8"$7.65
66-0125C Round Collet 3/4"$7.65
66-0145C Round Collet 7/8"$7.65
66-0165C Round Collet 1"$7.65
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