Protective Machine Cover


Protect your Smithy from dust and moisture with this quality-built tough cover. Your machine is a substantial investment, keep it looking great by keeping the elements out. Cast-iron machines that are protected and maintained can be handed down to the next generation of makers and builders. The cover is made of 200-denier material used in motorcycle covers. Made in the USA in Detroit, Michigan - the company the makes these machine covers has been building quality products for over 100 years. They're a supplier of a variety of mil-spec products and have the know-how to make a cover that will protect your machine for years to come.
83-00083-000 Protective Machine Cover (MI-1220 & MI-1220XL)$56.00
83-90083-900 Protective Machine Cover (Granite 1324 Machines, MI-1230 LTD, and MI-1220 LTD)$63.00
83-92583-925 Protective Machine Cover (Granite 1340 Machines)$108.00
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