Glass-Scale Digital Readout for GN-1340 models (40" bed length)

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INSTALLATION INCLUDED. Machine precisely just by reading the easy-to-see digits on the display. First low-cost, high-quality DRO (digital readout). The 2-axis and 3-axis DROs work by counting the revolutions of a precision pinion encoder running along a shielded rack. Includes generic mounting hardware, cables, racks, encoders and the display unit. Specific mounting instructions for the Granite machine are available in hard copy and PDF format. Generic mounting suggestions for installation on other machine tools is included in the manual. Price includes installation on the machine before it ships from our warehouse. Allow 2-4 business days for installation. 81-030 - Glass-Scale DRO for Granite 1324 models (24" long) 81-060 - Glass-Scale DRO for Granite 1340 models (40" long) 81-020 - Magnetic-Scale DRO for Granite 1300 series models K99-925 - Mounting Kit ONLY if purchasing 81-020 DRO 81-015 - 2-asix Magnetic-Scale DRO **NOTE** All mounting hardware supplied by the manufacturer is generic and will require additional fabrication. Smithy strongly recommends purchasing the factory-manufactured installation kit to simplify and expedite installation, order item number: K99-925 (only needed when purchasing 81-020 DRO - for Granite 1300 series machines only)
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