5C Round Collet 3/16"

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A collet is used to hold a workpiece or a tool. Various types of 5C collets are available. In addition to the standard round collet, there are collets designed to hold round, hex, or square. There are expanding collets and emergency collets that are made of machinable steel, brass, or nylon so you can modify it to your specification. By having more surface area to hold your work, 5C collets are the choice when you want to securely hold work and not damage the surface of the work. Thin wall workpieces that would be crushed in conventional lathe chucks or vises can also be safely and securely held by collets.

A 5C collet works by being drawn into a taper that closes the collet securely onto the work. A 5C collet fixture, a chuck or holding fixture is necessary to use these collets. See K99-267 Kit for Granite machines (67-024). See K99-265 Kit for Midas machines (67-000N) or 67-050 Spin Index, 66-018 5C Collet Block Set for use in milling machines. These are just a few of the 5C collet fixtures.

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