End Mill Adapter (MT3)


These Morse Taper #3 (MT3) end mill adapters are the most secure way to hold your end mill. The are precision bored to accept the exact shaft size of the end mill and the mill is secured with a set screw, end mills won't move or flex during your milling operation. End mills used in these adapters should have a Weldon Shank, a shank with a flat ground into it to allow the set screw to lock the mill in place. They use a 3/8"-16 threaded drawbar.
65-005MT3 End Mill Adapter- 3/16"$24.00
65-010MT3 End Mill Adapter- 3/8"$24.00
65-015MT3 End Mill Adapter- 1/2"$26.95
65-020MT3 End Mill Adapter- 5/8"$28.55
65-025MT3 End Mill Adapter- 3/4"$28.95
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