Basic Machining Reference Handbook

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Basic Machining Reference Handbook, Second Edition, by Arthur R. Meyers and Thomas Slattery, 299 pages - ISBN: 0-8311-3120-9. A comprehensive and easy-to-use hands-on source, the Basic Machining Reference Handbook is for people who need to know exactly what’s involved in performing a given machining step, a series of steps, or a complete job. It presents the principles of basic machining, while summarizing the major considerations involved. This book emphasizes the hands-on concept of developing and refining skills, along with knowledge of metals and machining processes by means of application. Contents: Measurement Standards. Cut-off. Turning and the Lathe: Definition and History. The Milling Machine. Sensitive, Gear-Head, and Radial Drill Presses. Grinding. Steels, Alloys, and Other Materials. Numerical Control and CNC. Cost Per Cut in the Computer Age. Index.
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